You OWN a beautiful, strong heart hidden somewhere underneath the hurts and scars.  


Divorce and break-ups leave our hearts shattered but you don’t have to stay there, afraid that real love doesn’t exist.

Never give up!  Giving up shuts you down, closes you up, keeps you small.

What to do instead…never stop learning.  Rebuild. Strengthen your heart. 

Develop the 5 Key Strengths that will lead you into a new kind of love – the only kind of love that leaves you feeling safe, secure, cared for…special.

PathToOvertheMoonNeverLeaveMeLove (3)


Hurt tells us lies and shuts down our hearts.  Sharpen your sword to fight against what is keeping you from the life you can only imagine. 

Did you know that the heart is the MOST resilient of all “organs”, so to speak? When it’s broken, it has the potential to GROW BACK stronger than it was before. Stronger means in a way that is everything you imagined:

  • able to protect yourself by recognizing those who to keep out
  • able to rest in your strength so that it’s safe to be soft
  • able to express your feelings in a way that gives you courage and sets aside your fears

And that’s what I want for you – for every woman.

I want to help you re-build your perspective of relationship by restoring your HEART.

Please take a tour around my site and contact me at bernice@bernicemcdonald.com if you have a question, a story you want to tell, a need for feedback… I want to help you and your heart in any way I can.

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    Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Blessings to you!

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      Thank you for your heart. You write beautifully and so sincerely. And with such wisdom. I appreciate you stopping by as well.

  • jeannie

    I understand all that. but do men ?cause I can’t find one that does.