You OWN a beautiful, strong heart hidden somewhere underneath the hurts and scars.


Divorce and break-ups leave our hearts shattered but you don’t have to stay there, afraid that real love doesn’t exist.


Never give up!  Giving up shuts you down, closes you up, keeps you small.


What to do instead…never stop learning.  Rebuild. Strengthen your heart. 


Develop the 5 Key Strengths that will lead you into a new kind of love – the only kind of love that leaves you feeling safe, secure, cared for…special.

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Hurt tells us lies and shuts down our hearts.  Sharpen your sword to fight against what is keeping you from the life you can only imagine. 

Did you know that the heart is the MOST resilient of all “organs”, so to speak? When it’s broken, it has the potential to GROW BACK stronger than it was before. Stronger means in a way that is everything you imagined:

  • able to protect yourself by recognizing those who to keep out
  • able to rest in your strength so that it’s safe to be soft
  • able to express your feelings in a way that

    And that’s what I want for you – for every beautiful woman who comes across my site.

I want to help you re-build not only your perspective of relationship but your HEART.

And here are the tools I use to sharpen your sword:

  • My Blog:  I offer tons of good information that speak to the HEART to help you begin to see love and your deep down beauty in a new light.  You CAN learn to love and be loved – it often simply takes some tweeking.  Check out my blog here
  • Webinars and Programs: I offer courses to guide you step by step from having  a frightened, distrusting heart into a place where you are a new woman with the heart of a woman warrior – strong on the inside, soft on the outside.
    • Click here to check out my next FREE webinar coming up on December 3rd.  Don’t miss it!
  • Mini-Modules for Bite-size learning:  Also incredibly valuable are my mini-module courses that come to you by email or as live presentations.  I try to keep them snack size but cram a whole meal of tools and insights into each one for you to think about.  I know how busy you are so they vary from quick e-modules to 20 minute videos guided personally by me.  You can sign up to receive them as well as notice of all my upcoming strength-building supports as they unfold.


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  • May, 2015, I will be starting 3 day intensive “Strength for the Heart” retreats set in beautiful, restful places where you can withdraw from your life for an incredible 3 days designed to put you back in touch with your heart and prepare you to attract the love of your life.  I am incredibly excited about this!!
  • All day one on one Intensive Individual Coaching:  And… beginning in March, 2015, after the launch of my newest program, How To Sharpen the 5 Strengths that Attract Over the Moon, Never Leave Me Love, I will be offering full day one on one intensives where you and I sit down together virtually and talk heart to heart about you and where you want to be in life and in love.  We will unravel some mysteries about you, delve into your dreams and your passions and find out what makes you the amazing woman that any man would be lucky to have in his life.


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