10 Vital Things You Need To Know About True Love

You long for true love.  You have dreamed about finding it forever. But every time you think you have grasped it, it slips through your fingers. Or it breaks them, along with your heart. You ask, as we all do, “What am I doing wrong?” Let me share 10 vital, love-changing secrets that will lead […]

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How Taking Good Care of Your Heart is the Best Cure for Heartbreak

  You thought your relationship was going to last a lifetime. You fought long and hard but it still ended, and now you are left with a heart shattered in a million pieces. Heartbreak pain is different than breaking a limb. It’s an invisible, continuous throbbing from the inside that no one else can truly […]


12 Most Magical Secrets to Capture a Woman’s Heart


Published on 12 Most.com.  See it by clicking here. Speaking from the perspective of a guy, you want so badly to win the girl.  But every time you approach her, she makes you feel like an idiot.  You get tongue-tied and can’t seem to do anything right.  To add to your frustration, as soon as […]