Never be
Ugggh! I could feel myself digging my heals in. And I could feel the door to my heart closing – something that I absolutely didn’t want.   I felt trapped.   I felt “down the list” as I had in the past.   I felt frustrated with how things were […]

How To Defeat the Fear of Being Controlled Again

You can download your very own copy of these Stages of Relationship by clicking here: The Four Stages of Relationship¬†or right on the Visual below. Knowing the “Big Picture” of Relationship will begin to lessen your fear of being out of control of that “Over the Moon, Never Leave Me […]

Understanding Why Your Last Relationship Failed

LovingTheHeartofaWoman (web)
  If you would like to download this as a reminder of what an Over the Moon, Never Leave Me Love could look like, then click this link: ¬†Love Me, Love My Heart  

Love Me, Love My Heart