You OWN a beautiful, strong heart hidden there underneath the hurts and scars.  

Divorce broke my heart and left me shattered. Like you, I wasn’t sure if there were any “good men” left out there OR if true love is just a myth.

Know what I discovered? There are lots who are looking for good ladies like us. But we have to be ready to meet them…and more importantly, we have to have our hearts wide open to receive their love.

So that’s what I do – I train women to

  • use their painful past to bring back their beauty (every one is a diamond in the rough),
  • open their hearts to love again and
  • attract that wonderful man who is looking for them even if they have resigned themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives

Did you know that the heart is the MOST resilient of all “organs”, so to speak?

When it’s broken, it has the potential to GROW BACK stronger than it was before. Stronger means in a way that is everything you imagined:

  • able to protect yourself by recognizing those who to keep out
  • able to rest in your strength so that it’s safe to be soft
  • able to express your feelings in a way that gives you courage and sets aside your fears

And that’s what I want for you – for every woman.

I want to help you re-build your perspective of relationship by restoring your HEART.

That’s why I started an on-line community of women who are now making their way down “The Open To Love Pathway”.  

It’s a series of Milestones that rebuild trust one stepping stone at a time through what we call the “Waiting Room”.  It’s the middle room on the Pathway beyond divorce.  It looks like this:


The question is, “Do you want to stay in the Waiting Room all of your life?”.  Many do. And it’s a sad and lonely place filled with shutting down your heart out of fear or more tragic, unfulfilling relationships.

Tell me now: Is that where you want to live the rest of your life?

The way out of the Waiting Room lies in 3 things:

1 Learn to Trust Your Heart Again

2. Learn to Trust A Man Again

3. Learn to Trust A Love Relationship Again

The Open To Love Again Pathway leads you down this road one step at a time.  It looks like this:

You can join the Journey by joining the private Facebook group at The Open To Love Again Pathway”.

Click on this link and then click the button on the page that says, “Join”.

Please take a tour around my site.

Contact me at bernice@opentoloveagain.com if you have a question, a story you need to tell to me alone, a need for feedback on a stumbling block… I want to help you and your heart in any way I can.

Or, even better…

If you want to get the mess untangled and figure out a Plan, set up a time for a one hour, no obligation conversation with me.  (Click “set up a time”.) You will come away with 3 Steps to move you forward toward Freedom from that Back Room and further toward your Sun Room.

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