Step Into the Most Empowering Thing About You

Moving beyond divorce requires pulling out something you may not even know you own

Okay, this is between you and me. You’ve been through a divorce, you’ve suffered a huge trauma. No, don’t downplay it. It’s something that hurts, something that actually rips your world out from under you because you not only lose the life that you know, you also lose your future and that’s the big thing. […]

Do You Know THIS About the YOU Surviving Divorce?

This is how you come back stronger than ever

When I closed the door to my home and walked away for the last time, my life was shattered. 24 years in a marriage, I had given everything I knew how to make it work but I, at last, had come to the realization that the man I wanted to love me simply couldn’t. He […]

5 Forward Steps To Defeat Post-Traumatic Divorce Syndrome

Broken trust does not mean a permanently broken life

Don’t you love the soft feel of a delicious, romantic kiss? Or that flutter in the pit of your stomach when someone “looks” at you that certain way? The eyes of a man in love say so much! Can you imagine NEVER knowing romance again? Romance brings the magic out in life and, without it, everything […]