How Can I Ever Attract A Great Man? (when I was told I would never be enough)

The one surprising thing that a great guy is actually looking for (and you have it)

I will bet you are one of the strongest people I could ever know. I will bet that, if someone did something to one of your kids, you would be there in a heartbeat, a flash, to stand between them and any danger – without even thinking about it. I KNOW, beyond a shadow of […]

CAN You Learn To Trust Again Once It’s Been Broken?

How to move past anything

The short answer to this question is “Yes” – you can learn to trust your heart again. The secret is in the Story you tell yourself about what has happened. The secret lies in not hiding your heart but, instead, deepening your heart and allowing yourself to become a better person because of what’s happened […]

I Am Enough: 7 Simple Secrets Confident Women Know That Give Them The Ability to Attract Any Man They Want

The Story You Tell Yourself Ever heard a story like this one? “I am that person who is seeing a lovely guy. He is funny caring and we have good times together. But my mind keeps saying he is too good for me and I am just waiting for him to drop me.  I tell […]