See yourself sitting on a hill above a busy highway. The vehicles rush by. Think of all that traffic as your thoughts. They just keep going, don’t they?

If you try to prevent yourself from having thoughts, it’s like rushing out onto that busy highway and trying to stop the traffic. But that’s crazy!

So, just as the traffic keeps zooming by, let your thoughts do that.

YOU simply stay calm and serene sitting on that hill observing them. Pick the ones you will focus on. Let all the others just rush on by.

Life Is About Discovering Your Own Breathtaking Beauty

The Secret is Here

I have spent my entire life fighting to believe in my own beauty. Fighting to believe that I was lovable just because I AM – not because of anything I do or whether or not I please someone. It’s an exhausting journey when you feel you’re fighting for it. But it’s such a peaceful place […]

Finding Love Again Can Actually Protect You From Some Negative Consequences

In the name of protecting our hearts, we can actually be sentencing them to a more difficult life

I want to tell you about something that has been bothering me for a while. I had a talk with one of my friends who is a beautiful woman. To add to that that she is intelligent, responsible, mature and has a heart like gold. But she’s single. Single and alone. She says she’s fine […]