How To Tell Post-Traumatic Divorce Syndrome That’s It’s Not the Boss of You

OR "I refuse to stay stuck in this heartache forever..."

Do you wonder – maybe secretly – if you will ever find a love that is truly worth all the trouble? A love that doesn’t feel like trouble but instead feels safe and fun like a partnership where you can be the real you and he can be the real him? That’s how it was […]

See yourself sitting on a hill above a busy highway. The vehicles rush by. Think of all that traffic as your thoughts. They just keep going, don’t they?

If you try to prevent yourself from having thoughts, it’s like rushing out onto that busy highway and trying to stop the traffic. But that’s crazy!

So, just as the traffic keeps zooming by, let your thoughts do that.

YOU simply stay calm and serene sitting on that hill observing them. Pick the ones you will focus on. Let all the others just rush on by.