When the Storm called “Divorce” Hits – Do You Hide or Face It Head On?

Simply terrified OR terrified with courage

One of the most difficult things to wrap your head around in life is that it’s full of storms.

Always one around the corner that you didn’t expect or maybe knew was brewing.

Divorce is one of those storms. It comes rushing over our lives from a long way off or shows up suddenly and shocks the life out of us.

We have 2 choices when walking through a storm…hide or be brave and face it.

Hiding can be masking our fear with anger or “checking out” by going into deep sadness and depression. Going back and forth between the 2 is sometimes called “The Crazy 8” because the cycle looks like an 8. Back and forth we swing… anger blows and we slide into depression again and then back into anger. Sound familiar to anyone?

I have to constantly be checking my heart to see where I’m at in this department.

The other choice to this is to stand and be brave.

What does that look like?

It’s just simply facing the storm and what’s happening knowing that the storm itself doesn’t define you – it’s just something you’re going through in this chapter of your life.

It’s determining that this storm is something you need to get through as bravely and wisely as you can.

It’s learning everything you can about your own character as you let it break over you.

It’s taking the hands of others who have been there, done that and discovering how they got through it.

So what do YOU do when you face the storm?

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