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Launching e-Book, “Never Give Up on True Love”

Excited to let you know you that you will be the FIRST to receive a FREE copy of my new e-book, “Never Give Up On True Love: the greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and to be loved in return”  coming out on November 1st!

Only 6 days left!!

e-Book cover
e-Book coming out on NOVEMBER 1st

Yes!  True Love exists.  

                          Over the moon, ecstatic, never leave you, magical, you are my home kind of love.

I believe it with all of my heart because it happened to me.  If I can find it, anyone can because I was a mess.

Now I share with the world the gifts I have received from traveling the road from Heartbreak to Happiness.

Step into my heart and witness how my mind changed, what steps I took to put my heart back together – even though it was broken into a million pieces, not once but a few times over!

1.  Find firm ground in a world of shifting sand

2.  You can’t give out of an empty well.  Learn to take care of your own heart first

3.  Never stop learning, learning, learning

 You will:

  • discover the three levels of love
  • journey into the great unknown recesses of your deepest heart
  • find permission to define what it is you really need in love and to be ok to ask for it
  • learn how to be the kind of lover that no one could resist
  • unlock simple secrets to making love work that you have never known before
  • learn to Stop!  Look! and Listen! when you fall into old patterns
  • embrace new courage to grow toward finding the love of your dreams

All of this happened for me.  And now it can happen for you.  It’s the greatest thing you will ever learn!




My passion is to walk you back to a place of passionate love after divorce. I have loved to write, to coach, to train the past 10 years, so that your heart can love again - powerfully, strongly, softly and openly. I found my over the moon, never leave me love. You can, too.