Who’s To Blame? You or Your Ex?

How You Answer This Question Makes All The Difference In Where You Go In The Future

So everyone falls into it. Pain is about experiencing loss. And when most people lose something – like their whole life as they know it, i.e. divorce, they see it more as having had it taken away from them. And that always leads to falling into “blame”. 3 categories of blame… 1. You blame an […]

Step Into Your Importance

Make the Decision To Treat Yourself With Importance and Don't Allow Less From Others

There are 3 Power Questions to ask yourself. Simple. To the point questions about you and who you are.   No one, not even divorce, can take these 3 things away from you unless you surrender them. That means you give in and give them up.   Remember: You are kind. You are smart. You are […]

Step Into the Most Empowering Thing About You

Moving beyond divorce requires pulling out something you may not even know you own

Okay, this is between you and me. You’ve been through a divorce, you’ve suffered a huge trauma. No, don’t downplay it. It’s something that hurts, something that actually rips your world out from under you because you not only lose the life that you know, you also lose your future and that’s the big thing. […]