Will Your Heart Be Ready?

WHAT IF this was your month to meet your very own Mr. Perfect For Me?

It’s September – does it feel as if you should be starting new? All of our lives this month means a new school year so, of course, we tie it to new starts.   What if your new start was to leave behind all the frustration of dating a “Tree Stump” man – one who […]

How Do I Start Loving Myself?

Sounds easy but it's seems complicated. Begin like this.

We hear all the time – start loving yourself! How in the world do I do that?  1. Close the Back Room Door.   Stop seeing yourself as a loser. Too fat. Too dumb. Too bossy. Too… ANYTHING.   You are a result of your past and the wounds that past holds.   DECIDE right […]

When the Storm called “Divorce” Hits – Do You Hide or Face It Head On?

Simply terrified OR terrified with courage

One of the most difficult things to wrap your head around in life is that it’s full of storms. Always one around the corner that you didn’t expect or maybe knew was brewing. Divorce is one of those storms. It comes rushing over our lives from a long way off or shows up suddenly and […]