Taking Care Of Your Own Heart First

4 Sure-fire Ways to Become a Modern Day Knight in Shining Armor

There are so many reasons a woman needs a man to truly love her, to be her “Knight In Shining Armor”.

And when a man really “gets this”, there won’t be any nagging, any striving to control him, no begging for sex.  Believe me, he will have everything he needs and more!



I stole this post from Facebook, I admit, from https://www.facebook.com/BipolarAnnieAFabulousTrainwreck  But I loved what it said and it struck a cord deep inside me, within my heart, as a woman.

Right now my heart is hurting.  It’s always about the heart.  Instead of love, all I have seen the past few days is this unhealthy Level 1 and 2 connections – selfish, self-centred, “I’ll give you this if you give me that”.  It’s everywhere in so many couples.

Withering, angry, fear-filled hearts desperately reaching out and clinging to what minuscule of caring they might see in the one they want to love them.   Each time there is a disappointment, the heart literally aches – it pulses with pain.  Throb!  Throb! Throb!

It’s men, as well, not only women.  I’ve known and coached the beaten down man – there is no shortage of them.

If only we would crawl inside each other’s hearts instead of settling for being inside each other’s bodies, what a world of difference there would be.

As the quote above tells you, let me expand a bit:

1.  Every girl needs a man in whose arms she can find her peace, her world, her solace.    Someone who can ease all her pain with just one hug and just one kiss on her forehead.

The good news?  You can be her Knight in Shining Armor by realizing that she does’t need you to fix it all.  She just needs you to hold her.

Your lady is strong and has a side of her that can resolve any problem.  However, your slant on things is important when she asks for it.  Mostly, she needs you to “ease her” from the emotions caused by the stress and worries of her day.  She needs a place to vent, a place to cry and someone to hear what she is saying.

2.  There is a child inside her heart that needs to be pampered and loved to the core.

My relationship break-downs were in part involving men who didn’t care about what was in my heart.  When I needed to be weak or afraid, I would be told to “grow up”, find some courage, stop being such a baby.

If you only knew how much a woman really gives out all day and how she longs to have a place where she can just be “the little girl” again; to expel that sigh of relief while lying on a strong chest at the end of the day knowing that she can let it all go for a few moments.

You can be her Knight in Shining Armor by being the safest place in the world for her. Be her partner, someone watching her back who is familiar with her fears and personal flaws, ready to help when she says the word. And ready to hold her even before she says the word.

3.  She always wants someone who can look into her eyes and read her thoughts and understand her silence.

After the “burn” of sex wears off in a relationship, most men don’t look into their ladies’ eyes –  really look –unless it’s to see how angry she is about something they have done.

You can be her Knight in Shining Armor by being that someone who will go into her heart through her eyes.  It’s a long gaze… a minute, two minutes, totally into her, no thought of yourself.  To have someone care that much, would overwhelm her with awe.

The eyes show you her current fear, her longings, her happiness, her gentleness….. if he really looks. From there, to talk to her about what he sees will blow her away!  She will melt.  And you will never be closer than at moments like this.

4.  She will never give up on the man in whose arms she finds her heaven because she can do anything for the man whom she loves and trusts.  

Why?  When a woman has someone watching out for her to be sure she:

  • feels safe,
  • has all the fun she needs,
  • tells her she’s beautiful, smart, valued, sexy in just the ways she needs it,
  • connects with her deepest heart and listens to her without judgement

…that man will be the most satisfied, pampered man in the world.

Skeptical?  Tony Robbins, world renowned Life Coach,  suggests that the “test” is to love a lady like this solidly for anywhere from 3 to 6 months.  No thought of yourself, just putting her needs first.

If the lady doesn’t respond to you by then, she can’t and never will.  Believe me, this kind of love would be very hard to resist!

And if she does resist, that’s a good thing to know because there will be someone else waiting for you to step up, put all you have learned into practice  and let you be her Knight in Shining Armor.

Never give up on true love.   Never stopping the learning.

Ladies – let the men know if this truly would work for you by leaving some comments below.  Love to hear from you!


My passion is to walk you back to a place of passionate love after divorce. I have loved to write, to coach, to train the past 10 years, so that your heart can love again - powerfully, strongly, softly and openly. I found my over the moon, never leave me love. You can, too.