Loving With Your Whole Heart

5 Steps to Transform Your Heart from Wimp to Warrior & Attract Love

You are afraid, of course.

After hoping, believing, trusting…your heart was bulldozed into the ground.  Your hopes shattered and you were left in a shameful puddle of tears, fearing you may never rise again.

Two choices are in front of you now.

Build a brick wall of protection around your wounded heart so that no one comes near it again.

Or, strengthen it so that it comes back stronger, wiser and more courageous than ever.

Failed love can make you feel as if you have just left a war zone.  Rather than remain a casualty, become like Clark Kent who finds a way around the kryptonite and rises as Superman (woman) to attract someone far better and far deeper than you had before.

1. Take a Warrior Stance for Real Love

What you had was a copy-cat version of love – not the real thing.  Have you been misled due to poor role models or false, immature ideas about what your part is in it all?  Look the real facts directly in the eye.  This takes courage.

Find out what the real thing can look like and take a brave stand for it.

Be determined to accept nothing less.

2. Find a Knight or Lady on the Same Path

Heart Talks in Attracting True LoveOnce you know how love should look,carefully craft the qualities of the onewho could build this with you.

We are not talking surface qualities such as shape or beauty.  We are talking about someone who has inner substance and depth.  Someone who will be able to create real love.

How can you find someone when you don’t know who you are looking for?

3. Train Your Heart to be A Warrior

You must be prepared for brave love.

Love is not for the wimpy because it takes a heart that can fight its way through the defenses and walls, past the dragons that reside inside someone else.

Real love is about being heart to heart but, like you, the one you may want to know best may need to know that you are willing to fight for them before they let you in next to their deepest, most beautiful parts.

So face your own dragons.

Look with courage at your flaws and begin to train the best in you.

Find your purpose in life, your mission, what you are meant to do. Learn first to defend andfocus there.

When your concentration is on making a difference in life, you will become more attractive.  And you will connect with someone who is going to let you be yourself. Someone who similarly is occupied with living rather than shaping you into who they want you to be.

4. Train to be the Hero or Heroine in your Relationship Story

With your focus on the bigger picture of saving the world in the way that you are meant to, you will see who you, yourself, need to be in order to hold with honor, the heart of another person.

Train yourself to see beyond the barriers in another heart.  Practice listening.  Ask questions. Read about what a man or woman really wants beyond what they can say.

Learn from the best and put it into practice before you meet that next special someone.

5. Ride out on your White Horse Expecting to Attract the Best

Be the person you want to be – the one with the Warrior heart – always, everywhere.

On a date, be the listener, the watcher, the one who cares about what the other thinks, feels and how they react to what is going on around them.

Be interested in everyone you meet from this confident outlook and, if you find yourself wavering, find out why.

Learn to live your values and hold to your standards as if they are blazoned as a crest on your chest.

Life is not for wimps.  And neither is love.

Join the forces of those who pull their shoulders back, stand tall, valiantly defend all they believe in…and you will attract love beyond your dreams.

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My passion is to walk you back to a place of passionate love after divorce. I have loved to write, to coach, to train the past 10 years, so that your heart can love again - powerfully, strongly, softly and openly. I found my over the moon, never leave me love. You can, too.