Welcome To Open To Love Again

No matter your age or Story, beneath your hurts and scars lies a beautiful, sensitive heart.

I honestly wasn’t sure he existed…but there he was!

Divorce broke my heart and left me shattered.

Like you, whether divorced or simply heartbroken, I wasn’t sure if there were any “good men” left out there OR if true love was really just a myth. 

Know what I discovered that changed everything for me?

Good men are attracted to women who know who they are and what they want – even if they aren’t perfectly there yet. Why?

Because a woman who is confident feels like “home” to him. He feels good around her.

That can be YOU.

Did you know that the heart is the MOST resilient of all “organs”, so to speak? When it’s broken, it has the potential to GROW BACK stronger and softer than it was before.

Stronger means the internal tools you need to protect your heart.

It’s being confident enough to recognize the men who may be charming but are not who you need in your life.

It’s the sparkle that comes from knowing what an amazing relationship looks like and how to attract the man who will love to be there with you in just the ways you need him.

It’s having the courage to say what you feel, what you want and what you need. And NOT settle for anything less.

Softer means the internal tools you need to receive love and give tenderness.

It’s the gentle glow of happiness and hope that originates from the strength you feel inside.

It’s the insight and beauty that comes from a heart that is open to receiving the love coming to you.

It’s the confidence to relax into being the most feminine “you” which allows a man to be a man.

It’s the courage to stand up for your heart and being true to who you know you are.

And that’s what I want for you

I want to help you find that extraordinary relationship – one you’ve never known. One you’ve only dreamed of and maybe don’t believe exists.

That’s what I do – I walk beside you as your Trust Re-building Mentor and Love Coach to cut through your blocks and help you to learn to trust again.

Together, we will use your painful past to step into your Diamond Beauty (every woman is a diamond in the rough).

Together, we find the ways that will help you to open your heart to trust a man who is worthy of that trust.

Together, we will get you out there in ways that attract amazing men even if you have been trying and are frustrated and disappointed.

Think about it…

Do you want to spend the rest of your days stuck in a place where your heart is hiding behind a huge wall?

OR…do you want to find your way to the Sun Room where life is lived as you dream it? As the beautiful Diamond that you are? 

**Free from the pain, the mistrust and the heartache.

**Making a difference.

**Heart full of love knowing what it is to love and to be loved in return.

The way out of the Waiting Room is to heal your heart which is dependent on 3 things:

**Stepping into your Courage.

**Finding your Confidence.

**Embracing your personal Diamond Beauty in a every new way possible.

Working with a Love Coach step by step down The Open To Love Again Pathway allows you to reach your Sun Room at your own pace.

Where to Start?

How close are you to being able to trust a man again?

Here’s your chance to find out. Free Assessment Call to evaluate your Trust Score and move you to the next of 4 Trust Levels…

A Life-changing call…

1. After you book your call, I’ll send you the Assessment. We will determine your Trust Score by looking at your Assessment results together.

2. Next we will determine what’s blocking you and, even better, how you can make your way up through the blocks to the next Level of Trust. I will tell you about the Exercises and Dating Strategy tailored directly to you will move you toward the confidence that will attract an Extraordinary Love.

3. I will ensure that you leave the call with 3 simple steps designed just for you to renew your hope.

Don’t try to do this alone…

A woman needs a place to talk. You are made to think out loud and that happens best when you are with someone who will take your words and hold them safely…helping you to assess and make sense of what’s going on.

Are you ready to stop being stuck and confused and lonely?

Let me show you how I found my freedom and courage again as I have for many, many others.

Listen to Kim…

Kim’s HeartbreakTransformation

Do you want to stay lonely and lost or do you want to know HOW to transform your life and love by learning to trust again? Yes, I Want to Learn to Trust Again.

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