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Mission Midlife: 5 Steps To Finding Your Passion

creating a powerful identity finding your purpose midlife identity passion woman on a mission May 25, 2023
Bernice McDonald, Women's Midlife Coach. Find your purpose & passion by embracing your Next Great Mission.


Even though you might be feeling lost in this great midlife jungle, I'm here to reassure you that finding your passion could very well be your roadmap to feeling "found" again.

Imagine walking through a dense forest, where the trees are so tall they block out the sunlight. You feel lost, disoriented. 

That's how life can feel during these middle years. 

 After the nest is empty. 

 After you enter a new phase with (or without) the love of your life. 

 After you have a close look at your work and realize you’re bored to death or frustrated to death.

 After you realize that the body you’ve always wished for is not going to happen.

The forest is sometimes dark and, navigating the twists and turns, you’re not sure which path to take. It can seem daunting. Many give up at this point.

 But not you!

 Today, Beautiful Warriors, we're going to find our way out together.


Finding Your Passion Is Like Finding Your Compass

Discovering your personal mission, your life's purpose is like finding your compass in that forest. It doesn't eliminate the trees, but it does show you the direction. 

 It illuminates your path, adds meaning to each step you take, and brings a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Think about who you want to be - what you want to contribute to this world. 

You’re amazing in your own unique way, and it's more than okay to acknowledge that. In fact, it's necessary. 

Have you ever heard of Vera Wang? Yes, the world-renowned fashion designer. 

Vera started her independent career in fashion at 40.

 She had tried many things in her life - she was a competitive figure skater, almost went to the Olympics, took pre-med at university, then, later, studied theatre and art history. 

After graduation from college, she was hired on at Vogue and moved up to become a very successful editor in their fashion department. 

But, she longed to design, not write about and market the designs of others.

At 39, she was a bride-to-be, struggling to find the perfect wedding dress. And that led her to her true calling. She opened her first boutique, specializing in luxurious bridal wear, the very next year.

Before she found her mission, she was already successful. But, hear this. success does not mean you’ve found your calling. 

She knew there was something else for her to do. Something she loved. 

Once she embraced her passion for design and took the bold step to create her own line, her life transformed. Her designs have since graced runways around the world, and she's dressed many, many celebrities for their weddings and red-carpet events.

Vera Wang's story is an inspiring example of discovering your personal mission later in life, step by step. And it reveals the incredible transformation that can result when you pursue that calling. What you love to do and long to do.

And don’t give up.

Her journey shows us that it's never too late to find your purpose and make a meaningful impact.

Finding Your Passion Begins With Recognizing It

So how about you?

You may not do it on a world-famous level. But the spark I want you to catch here is that you can be good at many things but only lit up by one or two.  

  • What are you constantly eager to learn more about, even in your free time? You find yourself continually researching, reading, and diving deeper.
  •  What is it that you yearn to get back to it because it gives you a sense of vitality and excitement? It's not draining; instead, it replenishes your energy.
  • What are you doing when you experience a state of 'flow”, entirely focused on the task at hand? The world around you seems to fade away, and your work feels effortless.

It's not just about enjoying what you're doing but experiencing a deeper sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

Your passion aligns with your values and brings you so much joy.

You’ll also know it’s a passion when you find that you're willing to face challenges and even failures, but they don’t easily discourage you.

The desire to continue on despite obstacles is a clear sign that this is a heart passion, a purpose, a mission you’re made for.

Remember, passion isn't always about grandeur. It can be as simple as loving to bake, adoring the time you spend in your garden, or cherishing moments while volunteering at the local shelter. 

The key is that it aligns with your values, brings you joy, and lights a fire inside you.


5 Steps To Finding Your Passion

Now, let's dive into five simple steps to define your personal mission. 

Go to your journal and write your responses to each of these 5 steps because this is where your life pivots - takes a sharp turn onto a laser-focused part of your journey. 

You don’t want to just be meandering through the forest, letting your life pass by year by year without a focus. A purpose. 

What we’re about to do here can become the basis of all your decisions in the future. 

The reason you get up in the morning. 

The one thing that keeps you going no matter what happens in your life. It’s that important.


Step 1: Reflect on your passions and values.

 What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

 What keeps you awake at night? 

 What do you truly believe in? 

 Spend time with these questions. Write them down. 


Step 2: Visualize your ideal self.

Picture the person you want to become. 

This version of you has discovered their mission, and they're living it. 

What does that look like?


Step 3: Identify your unique strengths.

You have strengths that are uniquely yours. Embrace them. List them out, celebrate them. 

They are the tools you'll use to make your mission a reality.

Vera Wang had many strengths and they included all kinds of things. She was smart, creative, could draw and design, knew the world of fashion and was most likely, I’d say, a great seamstress.

The strengths you’ve grown over your life all come together to bring your passion to life.

Make a list of them right now.


Step 4: Make your mission statement.

Now that you've thought about your passions, visualized your ideal self, and acknowledged your strengths, create a statement that combines all three. 

 Keep it simple. 

Vera Wang’s Mission statement for her company is: “To create a lifestyle that goes beyond core bridal and ready-to-wear, and into publishing, fragrance, beauty, accessories and home."

 Her personal Mission statement isn’t public but I asked Google and this is a possible statement that it gave me based on what seems to be her core values and how she wants to show up in the world.

 “To revolutionize the fashion industry by disrupting norms, expressing creativity and making luxury design accessible.”  

 Here are some others to think about which are based on this imaginary person’s core values and passion.

For the woman who loves to bake: "To use my love for baking to strengthen community ties, sharing the warmth and comfort of homemade food to foster unity and celebrate diversity."

She decides to start a local baking class where she teaches others how to bake while also discussing the importance of nutrition and food security. This decision aligns with her mission to use baking to connect people and advocate for food education.

For the woman who loves to coach: "To use my coaching abilities to empower individuals, helping them realize their strengths and potential, and encouraging them to become the best version of themselves."

She chooses to continue her education by taking a course on emotional intelligence to better understand and guide her clients towards their full potential. This decision supports her mission of creating a safe and supportive environment for growth.

For the woman who loves to dance: "To use my passion for dance as a powerful form of expression, inspiring others to embrace their individuality, and promoting a culture that celebrates diversity and freedom of expression."

She decides to volunteer at a local community center, offering free dance classes for children who might not otherwise have access to such activities. This aligns with her mission to use dance as a tool for promoting well-being and building a community that appreciates art.

For the woman who loves to write music: "To compose music that sparks imagination, elicits deep emotions, and stirs the soul, fostering an appreciation for creative expression and its ability to connect us all."

She decides to collaborate with other musicians from different cultural backgrounds to create a fusion piece. This decision is in line with her mission of using music to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers.

My own personal mission statement?  I want to overcome the fear of a meaningless existence by helping women to come back home to their hearts, find their purpose so they can live lives filled with strength and meaning.

So, when creating a mission statement, it's important to consider both what you love doing (your passion) and what you stand for (your core values)

It’s the intersection of these two aspects that will give you a mission statement that feels both authentic and inspiring. 


Step 5: Take action.

Start living your mission like a Life Adventure Plan. This simplifies your life. Gives you a direction. 

Every life decision you make can align with your statement. 

 A personal mission statement can guide numerous aspects of our lives, and thus, influence many kinds of decisions. Here are several areas where your personal mission can guide your choices:

  •  Career Choices: Your mission can guide you toward a specific industry, role, or company that aligns with your values and passion. 
  • Education and Personal Development: Your mission might influence what you choose to study, the courses you take, the degrees and certifications you pursue or the seminars you attend, and books you choose to read. Or which mentors or coaches you choose to seek out.
  • Health and Wellness: Your personal mission might lead you to prioritize certain aspects of your health and well-being. For example, if your mission involves helping others, you might recognize that maintaining your own health is vital to fulfilling that mission.
  • Relationships: Your mission can also influence who you choose to surround yourself with, shaping your personal and professional relationships. 
  • Volunteer Work and Advocacy: If your mission involves serving your community or advocating for a certain cause, it can guide you to specific volunteer or advocacy opportunities.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Your personal mission can influence your overall lifestyle, such as where you choose to live, the type of house you buy, the car you drive, or how you spend your leisure time.

Remember, your personal mission statement serves as a compass for your life, guiding your decisions and actions in alignment with your deepest values and aspirations. 

It can help you lead a life that's true to who you are and what you believe in.

The power of a personal mission statement lies in its ability to guide us toward decisions that are based on our values, fulfill us and make our lives meaningful.

Each small action brings you closer to the person you want to become.


Finding Your Passion is Like Finding Your Light

Ok, Beautiful Warriors, let's step out of the shadows of that forest together. 

Let's find our direction, embrace our individual brilliance, and illuminate the world with our purpose. 

Because the world doesn't just need more light, it needs your light. Your unique, incredible, and irreplaceable light. 

Imagine your life filled with an unconditional contribution that makes a difference, where you wake up each morning with a clear sense of purpose, ready to conquer the day. 

That's the beauty of discovering and living your mission. 

If you’d like some help with that, download my free e-book with the simple steps for writing your own Passionately Personal Mission Statement. And if you need some help with that, you can send me a message on Instagram @midlifewomenona mission or email me at [email protected].

It's time, ladies, to step into your light, to live your mission, to make your difference. Because this is your journey. This is your time.