What Is A Beautiful Warrior?

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 Midlife Women On A Mission


S2 Ep 18 With The Heart of a Warrior 5 components of self-esteem believing in yourself how to love yourself and be confident warrior heart Mar 14, 2023


The Midlife Challenge

Two women turn 70 years old.

One sees her life as coming to an end. To her, seven decades of living mean that her body must be breaking down and she’d better start winding up her affairs. 

The other woman decides that what a person is capable of...

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S2 Ep 17: 5 Burning Questions To Define How You See Yourself 5 components of self-esteem how to love yourself and be confident robert reasoner warrior heart Mar 03, 2023

Do you think maybe God made midlife - all these big changes - so that you would realize that you need to pay attention to something?

Like a big red flag waving that says, “Hey - it’s time to take you to the next level.”

I know it feels more as if we’re being...

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