Taking Care Of Your Own Heart First

Dear Soul Mate

Loneliness is one of the most difficult parts of being single – especially single “again”.  You may be surrounded by people who love you and enjoy spending time with you but it isn’t the same as having one special person to open your heart to and let it all spill over.

Can you believe that I started writing to my husband 3 years before I even knew he existed?


There, in my heart, I always knew he existed.   It’s always about your heart.

Faith is believing that your dreams are not crazy – there will come a day when they come true.  Not only was I growing to a place where I would be ready to receive his love but he also needed to be ready.  Timing matters.

So, in the meantime, I had to find ways to help myself keep believing.  From her book, “Write It down – Make It Happen”, Henriette Anne Klauser, Ph.D., I gleaned the idea of starting to talk to my future man as if he was already in my life.

Recently, I found the journal that holds the many letters I wrote for a period of time.  The one I want to share with you was written almost exactly 4 years to the day before our wedding.  It isn’t literary genius.  But it came right from my heart, from my “vision”….. as yours should, too.

February 13, 2008

Dear Soul Mate,

I believe you are coming to me.  We will be partners in purpose, mind and heart.

We will be each other’s safe place.

We will serve and care for each other.

We will teach each other about love and respect.

You will look at me seriously in confidence and know that you want to be my husband, my best friend.

You will trust me with the whole package that is you.

You will decide to welcome me into your life and share everything you have and everything you are with me.

I love you – and I am so in love with you.  I look forward to coming home to you, making a home for you, making plans with you.

No more fear – just walking hand in hand together, step by step by looking forward, not back.

With all my heart,

Your Lady

Sometimes I come across what I had written in the past and I read it to Rod.  We are both astounded at how amazingly the vision came true.

Get ready.  Write it down.  Let it happen!  And release that passionate heart!

True love is waiting…



My passion is to walk you back to a place of passionate love after divorce. I have loved to write, to coach, to train the past 10 years, so that your heart can love again - powerfully, strongly, softly and openly. I found my over the moon, never leave me love. You can, too.