Taking Care Of Your Own Heart First

He Must Have Amazing Eyes

“Their eyes locked and Christy’s throat went tight. His were beautiful, as dark and rich as the finest coffee.  They were the eyes of a man who’d recently learned to dream.  Wistful eyes, pensive eyes.”  Ok – you caught me.  I’ve been reading a very romantic novel, “The Sheriff Takes A Wife” by Debbie Macomber.  And it’s delicious!  To be really honest, I’m not ashamed to admit that because my heart, as a woman, cries out for romance in all its forms!!


It’s always about the heart.  Woman – thou art created a romantic. The desire to be the beauty, to be the belle of the ball, the one he chooses out of all those other ladies in waiting.  To have someone look deeply into our souls through our eyes and “see” us, really “see” US, the person inside, and then to have him love us to the moon and back, not ever giving up on getting closer and closer…. whew!  Well, it makes you swoon!

Being disappointed by not finding that in love all along the path of your life can cause your heart to shut down. By the time what you thought was true love with “Prince Charming”  has crushed you, it’s no wonder we let cynicism take over. Little girl dreams that cause us to dance and twirl as our imaginations soar are soon replaced with practical, no nonsense sensible descriptions of women not needing romance or love to have a happy and fulfilled life.  A career that fulfills us, travel, an occasional short period of dating with a man that is interesting and fun company – that should be enough.

“That will be enough for me, ” we tell ourselves.  But, is that what your heart of hearts says?  Be honest now. If a very masculine man stepped into your life and literally swept you off your feet, wouldn’t you be even a little bit tempted to succumb?

Don’t you have an inkling of hope that true love may still exist?  And maybe, just maybe, you haven’t found it yet?

If your answer is “No, you’re crazy!”  That’s ok.  Live your life fully from the place where you are and I send blessings your way.

But if there is even a particle of longing that reaches toward this thought, then let me say to you – keep your heart alive!  Don’t let it die.  

“But…. how??” I hear you ask.

I am going to go into more detail over my next few blogs but here is what I think is the most important.  Yes, it’s spiritual.  Yes, it’s about God or the Creator or a Higher Power. I know you believe there is “something there”  Don’t stop.

I happen to believe in a personal Person who knows me intimately – in fact, He made me like I am.  And the last thing He wants me to do is let my heart die because it has so much living and giving to do!   When I was devastated by love, He whispered something to me.  “The Cinderella story is actually the story of every woman’s heart. Don’t stop looking for it.”

So I didn’t.  In fact, I turned my face right up toward the skies and I opened my heart wide and said, “Teach me…. please”.

His answer?  He showed me His Incredible Eyes.  Here is a portion of a love letter I wrote to this mysterious force that knows me so well only 2 months after I had left my ex-husband:

“I am so safe with You.  Whenever I am troubled or afraid I look for You.  And You are always nearby.

Sometimes we are in a crowd together.  You may even be doing what You do best – restoring the wounded, touching the weak, answering the question of the hungry.  But if I suddenly need you, You leave everyone around you and the work You are doing and You are instantly by my side.  You cup my face in Your wonderfully strong hands and You meet my eyes with Yours.  Instantly, I am reassured.

Your arms slip around me and You hold me against Your massive chest where I am protected.  From around me, You raise Your hand and all the world stops – for just a moment.  The battle freezes, the clatter silences, the pressures lift – and all is still – so I can catch my breath and so You can love me for that one moment when I desperately need You.

You whisper words into my ear that are meant only for me.  Words that are personal and special and make me know that I am Your whole world and what I feel matters.  Words that lovingly caress my soul, my spirit, my being.  You know just what to say for You know me so well.  And not only that, You love me deeply.  My well-being is Your responsibility and You take that responsibility gladly and with Your whole heart.

You infuse Your strength into Me.  I am again reminded that what I see and touch is not the whole reality.  You are greater.  You are the other half of this life – the part of life I cannot see.  You are the other part of who I am – I belong to You and You are the most wonderful to belong to!

Steadied, restored, renewed, I stand in Your strength again and You release me.  Life continues, the battle resumes but it does not seem so heavy.   Carefully, you hold me by my shoulders and look intently into my heart. Your beautiful eyes don’t leave mine until You are assured that I am again alright.  Your tender smile makes my heart skip a beat and I can go on.”

This is where healing begins. In the spirit.  In the heart. Here is where your heart begins to learn to trust that you are loved totally and completely just because you exist.

Out of that trust, you will attract the man with flesh on who will love you like this, too.  And you will fall into “eyes that are beautiful, as dark and rich as the finest coffee.”  

I know because the man I have been married to now for a little over 1 year is exactly like this.

So much more to come!