Taking Care Of Your Own Heart First

How Can I Find My Heart – I’ve Lost It

Passion. Purpose. I hear you saying, “You have asked me to find my passion and said this is the key to freedom, to finding life, to finding new, mad, exciting love…. It’s in my heart – look in my heart. Hah! My heart is so buried I haven’t seen it for years. I think it’s dead and gone.”

Woman on Beach Looking at Ocean

It’s always about the heart.

Did you know in all this world where we are allowed now to feel our feelings and be ourselves, the percentage of those who actually can do this is most likely less that 5%? (A very rough guess based on my experience with people.)

I love meeting those who know their hearts – their eyes shine!  They are confident and laugh a lot.

So if you are one of those who haven’t been introduced to your heart for a long time, spend some time with yourself and  do this:

  1. Become very quiet.  Find a place in your home or the park or by a lake with lapping water.  Put some of your favorite slow music on, preferably without words, if that helps you to be still.  Are you visual?  Find a picture that moves you and have it in front of you.  Look at it and think about how it makes you feel.
  2. Put your hand on your heart.  Come on – it’s not silly.  Put your hand on your heart and feel it beating.  Imagine that it is a place with rooms.  Rooms that hold everything precious and wonderful and good in your life.  Keep your hand there.
  3. Your mind will fight you here cause that is where you are used to living.  So at this point, take all your thoughts and pack them up.  Put them an elevator and watch the door close.  Push the down button to send them to the basement for now. It’s time to be in your heart, not your head.
  4. Now remember a time when you received a gift that amazed you. (hand on your heart)  It may have been when you were a child and you couldn’t believe you received something you had asked for.  Think – when did something like this happen for you?  Remember the joy you felt.  Feel it. Recall everything about that moment.  Reach out both your hands and pull that moment from then to now – right into your heart.
  5. Now remember a time when you felt absolute love.  Just go to that moment and feel every sensation.  See the eyes that loved you, recall your heart overflowing with emotion. Even if that person hurt you later, don’t go there.  Feel what you felt at the moment when you knew total love.  Reach out both your hands and pull it from then to now – right into your heart. Find another one and another one!  The day your child was born. The day you got an “A”.
  6. Now remember a time of sheer, utter ecstasy.  Nothing compares to ecstasy!  It takes over your entire body even if just for a few moments.  Go there – feel it.  Remember. Stay there for a moment and revel in how delicious it feels.  Reach out both your hands and pull it from then to now – right into your heart.
  7. Now remember a time when you felt totally and completely fulfilled. Whatever you were doing, you forgot about time.  You felt as if you never wanted to stop because you were so into it.  The smile on your face wouldn’t stop.  Or the focus you had shut out everything else.  Be there.  Feel it.  Reach out both your hands and pull it from then to now – right into your heart.

Doesn’t it feel incredible?  Don’t you feel alive?  You are in your deep heart.  The softest, most beautiful place where love lives.  It’s what we were meant to be and it’s from this place that you were made to give….somewhere….somehow.

Come back here again and again.  Use music, pictures, chick flicks, looking at the stars, listening to a child laugh.  BE THERE in that moment.  Then draw in to yourself the preciousness of those 2, 5, 20 minutes.

Yes, it is here that you will meet your pain, your loneliness, your hurt face to face as well.  But in order to feel them less, you need to look them right in the eye.  By consciously practicing finding the love and joy, you will also find the courage you need to face the difficult feelings.

Trust me.  I did it.  And I have left the hurt behind.  You can, too.

And you will soon become one of those whose with your heart shining from you eyes.