Learn To Trust Your Heart Again

If You Can’t Stop Feeling Sad, Put Your Thoughts Here

What’s going on in your heart?  Yes – I really want to know. You don’t get asked that question often, do you?

Do you ever go there (to your heart, I mean) except to cry when the pain and the loneliness hurt so badly?

We often live from our heads in order to avoid our hearts.

Feelings like anger, frustration, disappointment, depression are head feelings. If you live out of these feelings most of the time, you will be creating a wall around that beautiful heart of yours and the true warmth inside will be very difficult to reach.

Try something with me, will you?

Put your hand over your heart right now.

Feel the beating. FEEL the person inside – the REAL YOU. She’s hurting. She’s lonely. She’s a bit anxious.

It’s kind of like imagining there’s a room inside filled with boxes of those feelings. Can you see the boxes stacked all over the place? It’s messy, isn’t it?

Now – instead of staying there in that room, walled in by all those brown boxes of sadness and confusion and loss, look up, beyond them.

There’s another door on the back wall of this room.

Open the door and walk inside.

What’s in here? You find yourself in a room that is filled with the warm glow from a crackling fireplace. Comfy couches and deep cushiony chairs are everywhere. A cozy blanket invites you to curl up and just “be”.

A colorful rug is on the floor in front of the hearth.

And there are beautiful treasure chests everywhere. Both small and large.

Come on – give into the temptation. Sink into the corner of the couch and pull that afghan over your legs. Feel the warmth of the fire. Let everything else fade away as the door to the other room softly closes.

Now reach over and pick up one of the treasure boxes. Pull the lid open and look inside. What do you see? 

It’s one of your warm, special memories that you alone know.

It’s you holding that tiny bundle you brought home from the hospital and being filled with the wonder of so much love, you don’t know how you are going to be able to contain it.

It’s you receiving that gift that brought instant tears to your eyes.

It’s you laughing SO HARD with your dear friend or brother or cousin that you almost can’t catch your breath.

It’s you taking that step into the adventure you never thought you would ever be able to go on and feeling so amazed. So proud of yourself.

It’s you taking in the ocean or the blue sky or taking a deep breath and smelling the fragrance of spring or absorbing the warm sun on a summer day.

Precious memories. Moments of comfort and joy. Only yours. Yours alone.

And they live there in this room in this heart of yours.


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Every Time The ‘Sad’ Happens…

Every time the loneliness, the awkwardness, the fear, the disappointments sneak up on you and try to suck you into their vortex – STOP!

Put your hand on your heart. Go through the room filled with the ugly boxes right through to that door on the back wall.

And be there – beside the fire. Open up another treasure box and go to that moment, those feelings that memory holds for you.

Start now…start right here. Begin the next new Chapter of your Life.

And I am going to help you with that.

I’m wishing you warm blessings and precious treasure boxes.


My passion is to walk you back to a place of passionate love after divorce. I have loved to write, to coach, to train the past 10 years, so that your heart can love again - powerfully, strongly, softly and openly. I found my over the moon, never leave me love. You can, too.