Rewriting Your Story

Just “Be” Passionate – The Art of Living From Your Heart

“Daddy, when I grow up I’m going to be a Princess.”

“Daddy, when I grow up I’m going to be a Jedi Knight!”

Precious dreaming from little hearts that know no boundaries.  Did you know that it’s this part of your heart that is begging to be known again?  Even if you are now a heartbroken, stodgy adult with lots of worries, obligations and “financial responsibilities”?


It’s always about the heart.

Did you know you were made for freedom? You were made to live a miraculous life filled with adventure and moments that make your eyes grow huge with wonder and awe.

You were made for magical, warm summer days filled with laughter and goodness and sharing with friends.

You were made to feel music deep, deep inside your soul. Music that moves your feet without you being able to help it.  Music that moves you to tears because it brings up desire and emotion that you could never put into words.

You were made with eyes in your heart, too.  Eyes that, when open, see not the faces but the hearts of others around you.  And, once seeing, something is stirred up inside you that makes you want to be there, help, heal, make a difference.

You were made for expression!   To paint or sing or speak or write or build – you were made to create something amazing.  Something that, when you stand back and look, is hard work but it never feels like work because you lose track of time while you are in it and you never give up!

So, if this is how we were created, where has it gone? I have recently read so many heart broken comments all over the Facebook pages of many, many sites.  Such sad responses to positive comments that are urging us to live from our hearts.

“That will never happen to me.”

“Easy to say unless you can’t get rid of anger over someone leaving you.”

“Yeah, right, so where do I find this person?”

“My life hurts right now.  I wish I could find my way out…”

The reality is we also live in a world where there is a push back to keep us from tapping into all we were meant to be.  It comes in all kinds of forms – sneaky, innocently, at times blatantly destructive.  Words like,  “Don’t be silly – when you grow up you are going to have to work hard and long hours for everything you get. You need to do something that will make you lots of money so you can pay your bills.”

Zap!  There goes our desire to be a Princess…. or a Jedi Knight.  

“You want to do what???  When you can’t even get your marks up to a B in science?  You’ll be lucky if you make it as a waitress!”

Zap!  Another piece of our heart is shut down.

“You know, you’re really not that good…..that talented….that pretty…. that gifted.  You will most likely always struggle with that so you should find something different.”

Clang!  The doors shut.  We lock our hearts and we throw away the key.  We resign ourselves.  We settle.

OK. Stop.  Right now.  Come here and sit down.

Yes, this is life.  And you are a grown up who has been hurt and abused and roughed up, told by those who were supposed to love you that you are not good enough.  The two fears we ALL have under which every other fear falls?

  • I am not enough
  • I will not be loved

Did you know you have been spending most of your very valuable life up until now letting this control your decisions about your life?  The loudest words have been these.  So STOP!  Now.

You can’t let your heart die.

Let’s find that key that opens the door to your heart again.  Start searching – is it under the bed?  At the bottom of the laundry hamper?  In the pocket of your spring coat?  Maybe you left it in the glove compartment of your car…..

Don’t stop until you find it.  That key unlocks the passion in your life.  It unlocks who you are and what you were meant to be – as God intended it.  You have your own personality, your own approach and your own desire to give in some way to this world.  If you are ever going to get over being hurt by someone, you must rise above this and see the bigger picture.  You have your very own individual purpose.  Yes, you.

And trust me, if you find how you were meant to dance, to sing, to express who you are – and do it no matter what – you will be well on your way to finding True Love.  No one will be able to resist you because you will light up the room!  I know.  I have seen it.

You must have a zillion questions right now.  So ask them.  And stay tuned for more to come about reaching the core of that incredible heart of yours!