Loving With Your Whole Heart

Learn How To Kiss

Broken hearts are often bathed in fear.  Yikes!  How could I ever start over?  It’s been so long since I was “out there” in the dating world.  I don’t think I will ever trust anyone again!  The thought of it makes me break out into a cold sweat…

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It’s all about your heart.

The last thing you may feel like doing when you have just been put through the wringer is to start over.  However, once the numbness of shock has worn off, questions fill your mind.  Now what?  Do I just stay on the shelf?  Will anyone want me again?  I’m so lonely but I haven’t a clue where to start finding someone except for bars and I’m not going there!

At this point, you must start building again even while you are healing.  But how?

Begin by putting a picture into your head that says, “This is the kind of relationship I dream of…”  Never give up on true love.  Make it your goal.  Both your head and your aching heart will find comfort in this even if you have no idea when you will be ready.

Your heart, the deepest core of who you are, craves a love that is passionate, exciting and enduring.  Something that reaches out to you, takes you in its arms and protects you forever.  The kind that will always be on your side, accepts you as the breathing, growing individual that you are.

As an aside, I want you keep a Step #1 in mind.

  • Before you can accept any love from any other person, you must find it for yourself.
  • And you must find an unchangeable Source that tells you who you are so that no one can ever take that away from you again.
  • Look up – that Source is there and has been from the day you were born.  Start developing a relationship by opening your heart upwards and the strength you find will make you unbeatable.

Your Step #2 is to start moving forward by becoming the partner that you are envisioning.

So…. here is one fun idea that will help you to do that:

Learn how to kiss.

  • Did you know that good kissing is actually an “art”?  Become an expert at the art of kissing.
  • Yes, you are going to have to kiss someone again – you may as well learn to do it well.
  • I had no idea that instruction was out there but it’s all over the place – there is a ton of “how to’s” on the web.  Some border on pornography – don’t go there – but do find the site that suits you best and learn how.
  • Some feature teens or younger people but don’t let that put you off.
  • You may have been out of the kissing game for a long time – and, like me, you may have never learned how in the beginning.  So, start from scratch.  Put away your inhibitions and let go.
  • It’s exhilarating and  fun and will make you feel more prepared.

YOU are going to be ok.  Have a little fun watching this video by Keith Urban – get up and dance!  YOU are going to be ok!