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Personalize, Engage & Amaze: Tell Their Stories To Connect

A man and a woman sharing coffee and smiling as they stand in front of a large office window

Once upon a recent time, in the bustling land of business, there lived a marketer named Eddie. 

Like many others, Eddie believed that success was a long list of clients. 

He hustled, telling everyone about the great systems his business had in place to create incredible campaigns.

He told them on Facebook. He told them in person. He told them on LinkedIn. 

He was right about being brilliant at his craft.

But something was off. As time passed, Eddie felt like he was constantly walking uphill, striving to convince, losing himself in the fight for the next customer.

Until one day, he discovered a secret – a secret that transformed those customers into something far more valuable. FANS. He discovered that stories connect.

Becoming more human…

One woman listening intently to what another woman is saying

This transformation began with a simple, nearly accidental tactic: sharing stories. 

It was in a meeting with one of his new clients, Serena, when Eddie decided to share a situation that was at the top of his mind. 

He talked about a challenge he and his wife had faced the previous week, not directly related to his services at all but something deeply human. 

To Eddie's surprise, Serena leaned in, her eyes reflecting genuine interest. That day, a regular meeting turned into a memorable experience, not just for Serena but for Eddie, too.

Becoming more aware…

Scrabble blocks that spell out "LIFE".

Eddie realized that something had shifted. He had stumbled onto something powerful:  the power of personal connection. 

He let his guard down a little. He slowly began to change his approach to every client, seeing each one as a person on a path - a personal journey.

He made it a policy to ask about client’s families and interests. 

He watched and listened through each project phase, doing his best to pick up on individual challenges so he could address them.

When working with Jacob, a tech startup owner, Eddie sent emails that resonated with Jacob's unique interaction with his products, tailoring services to meet his specific needs. 

Jacob wasn't just another client on a list; he was a unique story. Eddie saw himself as a pivotal character in that story.

Becoming a Guide…

An older man who is hugging a younger man and patting him on the shoulder in celebration.

Eddie saw himself not as the hero sent to rescue his clients but as the Guide who was there to help them win the day. To enable them to feel like the hero in their own story.

He worked to resolve their challenges, celebrated their successes, and committed himself to the solutions they needed.

His clients noticed the shift. Meetings with Eddie became something they looked forward to, a chance to share, learn, and grow together.

The results were astounding. 

Eddie didn't just acquire clients; his company gained fans. Fans who spoke passionately about Eddie's services to others, expanding their business through the most powerful marketing tool – word of mouth.

The Rest of Eddie’s Story

A group of people in a meeting in front of a white board. A man and a woman are standing at the end of the table. He is shaking her hand while the others clap.

Today, Eddie isn't just a marketer; he’s a storyteller. 

His marketing has become the stories of real people with real needs and feelings about those needs. 

Marketing is no longer a list of services or the names of the staff who provide those services.

It's about the person who comes to him stressed over real problems. He becomes the Guide who leads them to the other side of that problem giving them the gift of feeling like a hero.

And as the Guide…well, he can sit back and smile as he recalls all the stories of those he helped along the way.

So, what’s the takeaway?

  • Be Relatable: Like Eddie, share stories that connect with your clients. Let them see the human behind the business.

  • Customize Your Approach: Treat each client as an individual, just like Eddie did with Serena and Jacob. Understand their unique needs and tailor your services accordingly. They will become one of your success stories.

  • Genuine Interest: Invest in your clients' journeys. Celebrate their successes and empathize with their challenges. They’ll be talking about it for a long time.

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