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Success simplified: 5 Steps (Out Of Your Head & Into Your Heart)

Updated: May 5

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Can you imagine being tasked with writing the next best-selling novel?

Starting and running a business, even a small one, can be just as daunting a task. It's a journey filled with overwhelm, uncertainty, and unexpected plot twists. 

But here you are, brave soul, navigating through it. 

You pour your heart into every decision, easily getting lost in the maze of strategies and advice. That never, never-land of stress, bordering on burnout, starts to feel as if that’s how it’s meant to be.

I’d like to say it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a secret the great authors know. It pulls them through to the end when they finally see their book in print flying off the shelves.

That secret? The story

figurine superhero standing on an open book, arms wide. Beyond is a blurred scenery graphic.

They want to see what happens (they usually don’t know from chapter to chapter).

Well, my dear business owner, guess what? You may not ever write the next New York bestseller, but that being said, you are the creator of a great story - the story of your business. This is how you'll simplify success.

What if you could be so fully invested in how that story unfolds that you see your products' numbers, customers, and growth as simply necessary to the epic tale you’re telling? 

It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? And it means getting out of your head and focusing more on the heart than the hustle. 

Ready to explore this a bit more? Let’s do it.

Step 1: Re-Discover Your Joy

a man with a big smile running a planing saw over a board

Imagine your business as the opening chapter of that enthralling novel. You need a chapter that is your  “why”. It’s the spark that started you on this journey. 

To find your “why”, ask yourself: “What aspects of my business make my heart beat faster with excitement?” 

Is it the thrill of creation, the satisfaction of a happy customer, or the excitement of tackling a new challenge each day that ignites your passion? 

These are your story’s protagonists, driving the plot forward. Cultivate these elements with the same enthusiasm a writer invests in their favourite characters. 

These passions are the soul of your narrative—when nurtured, they make your daily grind not just bearable but exhilarating. They infuse your work with joy and purpose, reminding you of your 'why' and keeping you motivated. 

Routine tasks take on a completely different meaning when painted with purpose.

How your Business Can Embrace the “Story”:

A Trucking Company: Perhaps the joy of the “why” comes from the open road—the freedom and the changing scenery. This trucking company could focus on scenic or interesting routes, making each drive a journey worth looking forward to.

Beauty Salon: The salon owner might find joy in the transformation each client undergoes, both externally and internally. The salon can become a sanctuary of renewal by focusing on personalized experiences that highlight this transformation.

Construction Company: The joy might be in creating enduring structures from mere concepts. The company can focus on projects that align with this passion, such as sustainable buildings or community-centred constructions that leave a lasting impact.

Realtor: A realtor might love the storytelling aspect of each home, imagining and sharing the life that could unfold there. They can channel their passion into creating compelling, narrative-driven listings that capture the essence of each property.

Restaurant: The chef might enjoy crafting dishes that evoke memories and emotions. This can be the focus of the restaurant’s menu—creating meals that are not just nourishing but also narrative, telling a story with every plate.

Find the joy. Then rethink how you see "success". The two are deeply connected. How?

Read on.

Step 2: Redefine Success

The word "humanity" spelled out on small blocks on top of a cork board

Your business's success story isn't just about the end profits—it's about the chapters filled with meaningful experiences and the impact you create

Think about what success means in your business story. 

Is it the applause at the end, or is it the depth of the journey itself?

What if success was measured not just by the numbers on your balance sheet but by the depth and richness of the story your business weaves into the lives of those it serves? 

Frame your goals not just around financial milestones but as key moments where your service truly lights up someone’s day or solves a real problem

Part of business is about counting the coins, but it’s also about measuring the smiles, the thank-yous, and the genuine connections your business fosters, which creates that “good story” feeling.

By focusing on the joy and value you provide, you build a business and a legacy—a story worth telling and a journey worth every step. 

How your Business Can Embrace the Story:

Trucking Company: Success could be defined by the company’s ability to build community among its drivers and staff, fostering a sense of belonging and team spirit that extends beyond the road.

Beauty Salon: Success in the salon could be measured by the ability to enhance a client’s self-esteem and confidence, transforming every styling session into an empowering experience.

Construction Company: Success could be gauged by the company’s contribution to building safer, more sustainable communities rather than just completing projects.

Realtor: Success for the realtor might mean helping families find homes that truly fit their needs and dreams rather than just closing sales.

Restaurant: Success could be defined not just by profit but by creating a community hub where guests feel at home and return frequently, drawn by the warmth and hospitality.

A story built on joy and success that makes a difference in customers' lives must also include one more ingredient.

That's next.

Step 3: Serve With Passion

a man looking out a window, thoughtful expression, cup of coffee in his hands

Think of every service or product you offer as a chapter in your business story. These moments make your customers feel as if you’re hearing their thoughts and keep them coming back for more. 

When you serve with genuine care, you're not just completing a transaction but enriching your customers' lives, making each interaction memorable.

It’s like crafting a favourite scene in a novel. 

You want it to touch the reader deeply, to be something they think about long after the book is closed. In your business, this means going above and beyond to ensure that what you deliver meets needs, delights, and surprises.

Let your passion shine through every detail. 

Whether it’s the extra care you take in packaging, the personalized notes, or how you remember your regulars’ preferences, these small acts weave a powerful narrative of commitment and quality. 

This is how you turn everyday interactions into lasting relationships and build a story that’s told over and over, spreading the word about your business far and wide.

How Businesses Can Embrace the Story:

Trucking Company: It could focus on delivering exceptional service by ensuring timely and safe deliveries, making each client feel they are the most important.

Beauty Salon: The salon could serve passionately by offering customized treatments that cater to each client's unique beauty and wellness needs, making every visit special.

Construction Company: The company could serve by prioritizing client involvement in the building process, ensuring their vision is perfectly realized and valued.

Realtor: Passionate service might involve the realtor going beyond the sale to help clients understand the local community, schools, and amenities, making the transition to a new home seamless and positive.

Restaurant: The restaurant could focus on sourcing local, sustainable ingredients, showing passion for quality and community support, enhancing each guest’s dining experience.

Joy, humanity, passion, resilience - these are what pull us through a great story. Yes, even the story of your business. 

One more to on.

Step 4: Cultivate Resilience

a man in a field with fog all around and signs all over with arrows pointing in different directions

You gotta love the unexpected twists in a good book. 

Unfortunately, every business faces its share of surprises and setbacks in real life. Think of these challenges as critical plot points that test the characters—your business and team—and ultimately reveal their true strength.

Building resilience is like writing your character through a storm. 

It’s about staying rooted in your passion and values, no matter how fierce the winds blow. 

This isn't just about bouncing back; it’s about growing stronger and more determined with every hurdle you overcome.

Embrace these moments with the mindset of a seasoned author who knows that every hardship adds depth to the story. Whether it's a tough economic time, a new competitor, or an internal issue, see each as a chance to strengthen your business response. 

Learn from each episode, adapt your strategies, and continue to write your story with courage and insight.

This approach turns potential setbacks into powerful chapters of growth, ensuring that your business not only survives but thrives.

It crafts a tale of resilience that inspires everyone who hears it.

How your Business can Embrace the Story:

Trucking Company: This might involve adapting to changing industry standards and economic climates while maintaining high service quality.

Beauty Salon: The salon's resilience could be maintained by continuing to innovate, staying relevant to beauty trends during economic downturns, and maintaining client loyalty.

Construction Company: The company could demonstrate resilience by navigating regulatory changes and material shortages without compromising quality.

Realtor: Resilience for a realtor could mean staying optimistic and proactive in fluctuating real estate markets continuously finding creative ways to market properties.

Restaurant: For the restaurant, resilience could be shown by adapting menus and services to meet changing consumer preferences and economic challenges.

Step 5: Never Stop Learning

Approach learning as if it were an exciting subplot in your business story. 

Every new skill, insight, or piece of knowledge is like discovering a hidden path that could lead to incredible adventures and opportunities. 

Staying curious and open to learning keeps your story dynamic and engaging—not just for you but for everyone your business touches.

Think of it like a reader who can’t wait to turn the page

Each new lesson is a page filled with potential. Whether adopting new technology, diving into emerging market trends, or simply refining your craft, every learning opportunity enriches your story, making your business more robust and versatile.

Engage with mentors, attend workshops, read voraciously—be the explorer in your own story, eager to uncover what each chapter holds. 

This continuous journey of discovery fuels your passion and keeps your business evolving and adapting in a fast-changing world. 

Integrating these lessons into your daily operations ensures that your business remains relevant and resonant, always ready for whatever comes next.

How your Business can Embrace the Story:

Trucking Company: This could involve learning about new logistic software or environmental regulations to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Beauty Salon: Continuous learning might be about staying updated with the latest beauty techniques and products, enhancing the client experience.

Construction Company: To stay at the forefront of sustainable construction, the company could focus on advancing skills in green building practices and new materials.

Realtor: A realtor might continue learning about changes in property law, market trends, and digital marketing strategies to better serve clients.

Restaurant: The restaurant could focus on culinary trends, dietary needs, and innovative cooking techniques to keep the menu exciting and inclusive.

Tell Your Story

a man in front of a sunset, arms wide open. Superimposed is two hands grasping each other firmly

As we wrap up our chat, remember that your business is your story to tell. 

It's full of possibilities, some challenges here and there, but most importantly, it's driven by what you love and dream about

You can turn everyday tasks into exciting steps forward and complicated plans into simple, heartfelt steps.

Think of yourself as the Guide to the main character in your business adventure. Every choice you make writes another part of your story. 

Simplify Success: lead with your heart and let this genuine approach guide you through the tough and easy times. 

I believe in you—not just to make it big but to redefine what success looks like. You’ll see it, too, when you get out of your head and back into your heart.

Let’s keep going together, creating a story that’s not just about winning but about making a real difference.


The daily grind can rob you of your joy in your business. Come back to the adventure. I help small business owners reassess where they've been and where they're going. In 6 easy steps, we set the plan for growing to a new level. Let's talk.


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