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Coaching. Writing. For you.
A Simple Content Strategy.

Eliminate the stress
With a Simple Content Strategy Customized For You.
Content Made Simple.

Consultation #1: 90 minutes

You teach us about your business

  • You bring a pre-filled questionnaire that will tell us all about your business, your customer and how you solve your customer's problem.

  • We round out the information with more questions, continuing to fill in the blanks until we know enough to fill in our Customer Hero's Journey template and Brand Description.

Image by Medienstürmer

Consultation #2:  90 minutes

Smiling Woman

We bring back our draft Customer Hero's Journey and Brand Description using your words and perspective.

  • We revise and talk your mission and solutions through until you're satisfied. 

  • We discuss your product descriptions.

  • We talk about the current Marketing Strategy you have in place and your vision and comfort levels for simplifying.

Consultation #3: 90 minutes

Final product package for your inspection and discussion. What's in it?

  • Your custom Customer Hero's Journey

  • Your brand description with all the marketing words you would ever want to use.

  • Your StoryScript using elements of your Customer Hero's Journey to mix and move around for posting, blogs, keynotes, videos and wherever you need copy.

  • 3 to 4 Content Pillars to use as themes for the next year.

  • Sample post topics or blog topics or whatever you use in your marketing.

Image by Radu Florin

The list goes on...

Happy Barber_edited.jpg

You will also have:

  • A Guide to proudly share with your team.

  • Recommendations for how to use your Simple Content Strategy.

  • An opportunity to join our ongoing Monthly Master Content Creators Coaching Group for continued support.

Peace. Confidence. Momentum.

Picture This...


A thriving business.  Chaos replaced by calm...


Time to focus and grow your business.


Marketing on automatic.

framework in place to post as often and quickly as you like. For IG reels, YouTube, keynotes, and blogs.


Profits skyrocketing.


Competitors standing in awe.


All because you simplified. And know what to say.


Your Mission. Your Content. Your Strategy.

Don't wait another day or you'll talk yourself out of it. The stress will continue along with the inconsistency and frustration.

Get clear. Get organized. And sleep like a baby instead.


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