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Eliminate stress. 

Passion & Pen Content Strategy

Content Made Simple.

Consultation #1: 1 hour

You teach us about your business

  • You bring a pre-filled questionnaire with information about your business.

  • We round out the information with more questions and your words about your ideal client, your products and solutions, possible revenue goals, timeline and your "Why".

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Consultation #2: 1 Hour

Smiling Woman

We bring back our draft Master Plan using your words and perspective.

  • You finalize your 3 revenue goals, timeline and Big Picture "Why".

  • We discuss the qualities you and your team need to embrace in order to create the results you want.

  • We discuss the Critical Actions that every team member take every day to reach your goals. 

Consultation #3: 1 hour

Final product package for your inspection. What's in it?

  • A solid Mission Statement with your 3 Revenue Goals, a deadline and your Big Picture "Why"

  • Your 3 Key Team Characteristics and

  • Your 3 Critical Daily Actions.

  • Your Ideal Customer Journey and how you solve their problem.

  • Your StoryScript to use as a foundation for all your marketing.

Image by Radu Florin

The list goes on...

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You will also have:

  • A Guide for sharing regularly with your team for the duration of your Mission.

  • Recommendations for how to use your Unshakable Business Master Plan in your marketing.

  • An opportunity to share topics important to your business for 2 blog posts that will be created over the next 4 weeks.

Picture This...


A thriving business where chaos is replaced by calm...


Credibility soars to new heights, bringing investors wanting to work with YOU.

Imagine the rush of excitement as you see your dreams come to life, your profits skyrocketing, and your competitors left in awe of your success.


The sweet taste of victory as you finally regain control of your business and watch it flourish beyond your wildest expectations.


Our Services

  • Available Online

    Coaching will propel you forward faster than you ever dreamed.

    1 hr

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