Rewriting Your Story

That Romantic Room in My Heart

You know that feeling you get when you have just finished watching the most romantic chick flick? Or when you have spent the evening flirting with someone you know finds you attractive? Or when you have just heard “I love you” from the lips of someone you hoped did?

It’s like floating on air.  DON’T watch the video below until you read to the END OF THIS BLOG….. please. I want you to watch with your heart – not with your head.

If your heart has been broken, you might be in a place where you say skeptically….. “Yeah, right, that’s Hollywood… not real life.” and really believe it.

I want you to stop and think for a minute.  In fact, remember the traffic rules from elementary school?  I want you to apply them here:

  1. STOP
  2. LOOK

1.  STOP thinking for just a minute.  STOP hesitating.  STOP turning away.

Get out of your head.  Package up all your thoughts, just for a bit, put them into a big box.  See the elevator doors?  Push the box onto it and push the button that sends it deep deep down somewhere in your pelvis area.  Now take that beautiful winding staircase from your brain down, down, down into your heart.

Can you see the hallway filled with rooms?  (see my Blog Post

One of the doors leads to your “Room of Romantic Dreams”

Open the door to that room and go inside.

Go ahead – don’t be afraid.

Ok – you’re hesitating, your hand on the door handle.  You’re afraid. You’re skeptical.

You’ve been there too many times before. The lock is on the door for a reason. It hurts even to stand outside of it.

Please…..take another look.

Go inside.  There might be cobwebs or you might hear the sound of crying.  But go.  Now sit down in the middle of the room and feel.  Feel your feelings…. Fear. Hurt. Longing. Loneliness. Panic..  whatever they are.
Take a deep breath.  It’s ok to feel. Your feelings are real and genuine.  They are your feelings.  So face them, admit them.  And don’t DO anything.  Just feel:
I am devastated.
I miss love.
I am lonely.
I feel like  a loser.
I don’t have any more hope.
I feel used.
I am not enough.
I fear being abandoned again.
I am ashamed.
I feel unattractive.
I feel unloveable.
I feel like a failure.

2.  LOOK at what is around you.

Now lift your eyes up and look.  Look around that place inside YOUR heart in YOUR romantic room.  This is just about you.  Don’t bring anyone else with you.  This is only about you and your heart, your feelings.
Life happened to you, yes. But the same thing could have happened to 1000 other people and they may see it differently because it’s about the meaning YOU give it. 
What meaning are you giving to what happened to you?  It’s written all over the walls of your room in BIG LETTERS, maybe even neon lights.  I don’t know – this is your personal room and you know. Words like:
It’s impossible to love me.
I’m too needy.
I’m too fat.
I’m too lazy.
I should be dead.
I deserve to be punished.
I am bad.
I can’t be in a real relationship.
I am a loser and only attract losers.
I have no right to ask for anything.

BIG BOLD WORDS telling you who you are.

The big questions now that you have seen the banners and beacons…… IS THIS TRUE?

Are you truly, truly all that you are believing? Truly?  Or is there a possibility that you could be an amazing, thankful, fun, sexy, giving partner in the right kind of love relationship?  Because love did not work out for you once, twice, 7 times, does this mean that all love is the same?  Or is there a love still waiting to be found and you gave up too soon?

 Maybe you let your heart be overwhelmed by all these beliefs.

3.  LISTEN to your heart.

What is your heart saying?  Now, it’s tough to rise above the clamour and see beyond the devastation.  The Romance Room can look like a bomb went off!!  But it’s all noise and mess.  Look around.  Start to move the mess over a bit and I’ll bet you will start to see…. what?  A floor of gold?  A sparkling jewel lying there refusing to stop shining even though it is covered in grime?

Listen – what does your heart really want?
To be loved.
To be cherished.

To be FREE to be YOU!

To be able to give love and kindness and generosity.
To be good.
To feel treasured and precious.
To stand up for itself without shame or guilt.

Welcome to your heart – to one of the most beautiful rooms there.

Personally, it was difficult to STOP the noise and turn off the neon signs inside.  I needed to go to a Higher Power who could tell me who I was.  That’s where I started.  He didn’t judge me or accuse me or point out all the flaws OR tell me I had to clean it up before I would be good enough to be loved.  He just accepted me.  In fact, He pulled up His shirt sleeves, grabbed a shovel and pitched in there right beside me to remove the clutter and really show me the passion and incredible qualities that were hidden.

However you choose to go on from here – DO IT!  Don’t let the noise that has come out of what has happened to you stand in the way of your strength and beauty any longer.

More to come.  Tell me if this is working for you.  Do you have another picture other than the one I have created here?  Would love to hear your comments.

O yes – now you can go back and watch the video.  Watch from your heart, not your head. Stop, Look and Listen for how your heart reacts.