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Simple Storytelling Strategy

Simplify your entire business with one tool. A Storyboard of your Customer Hero's Journey.

Step by step. Your Coach will walk alongside of you to create...

Business Coach
Bernice McDonald

I've been where you are. Over the past 15 years, I've worked with 4 different business ideas, invested literally thousands of dollars and joined multiple programs to discover how to eliminate my confusion and build something that worked.

It was as if a light came on and peace filled the room when, finally, I came back to simple. The simple Story. I realized that I'm on a journey myself. Looking for something. A solution to end my pain.

Suddenly I saw my ideal person in a different light. On a journey. In search of answers. Just like me. And I'm the Guide who can help.

Here's what you'll get

Whether you choose the Fast Track one-on-one coaching or the group coaching option, you'll receive these same features:

Personal Coaching

  • An assessment of your current business

  • Personal Coaching to address your business challenges

  • Guidance step by step through this process.


A Detailed Brand Description

A fully detailed brand description that includes:

  • A description of what your business is

  • A Customer Hero story written as an actual story.

  • A list of benefits

  • A list of features

  • A list of ideal outcomes from working with you

  • The unique value you bring that sets you part from others

The Customer Hero's Journey Storyboard

  • Coaching through the 7 steps of your Customer Hero's Journey Storyboard.

  • A one-page Storyboard that will become the most valued tool in your business toolkit.


A StoryScript and Marketing Themes for an entire year

  • A StoryScript with simple messaging to use in all of your marketing.

  • Clarity for products that will support the solution you offer.

  • 4 themes to use for your marketing based on your Storyboard.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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