Learn To Trust Your Heart Again

Will I Ever Be Happy Again?

My heart has been shattered. “Will I ever be happy again?”, you wonder.

Ah. I hear you. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes, does it?

Did you know that “happiness” boils down to one thing?

Not the “emotion” of happiness, which is brief. But that fulfilled, in control feeling that actually feels like you’re making some headway.

That’s all about MAKING PROGRESS. Even small steps.

Feeling trapped and stuck is the opposite resulting in frustration, anger, annoyance, depression. Feeling as if you have NO POWER to change your situation adds up to something we call “suffering”.

You don’t have to move mountains

If you have been hurt, there are all kinds of things going through your head.

“I am so bad at relationships.”

“I couldn’t survive being hurt again.”

“Who is ever going to want me when I look like this, act like this, AM like this?”

“I don’t think I can ever trust anyone again but I really don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.”

Of course you have these thoughts! You have been hurt. Your trust has been broken and there have been many things that have happened in your “Back Room” (your past) that have reinforced these fears.

Does the road back to being a calm, smiling, incredibly beautiful woman who is an attractive, sexy man-magnet look awfully LONG?

OK. Admittedly, that kind of a goal most likely looks like a mountain, am I right?

So don’t start there.

Start with a single step.

One step. That’s all. One foot in front of the other.

Have you ever heard the Confucius quote that says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?”

That’s where I’m going here. One step.

Let that one step forward be this:

Put your heart in a cast like you would a broken arm.

It’s broken and needs to heal.

Bernice McDonald, Open To Love Again: Women Rebuilding Trus

There are 3 Rooms you must travel through to find love again.

The Back Room: the past chapters of your life. This is a Door you have to close in order to move on.

The Waiting Room: Just like a hospital Waiting Room where you go when you have injured yourself, that’s where you need to go right now. Figuratively.

You need a diagnosis. And you need to “reset” that heart just like you would a broken bone. It’s hurt. It’s damaged. It has been crushed.

It requires TLC (Tender Loving Care) in order reinvent itself.

The amazing news? Unlike most things about our bodies, the heart – the core of who we are – is able to COME BACK STRONGER after being almost obliterated.

The Sun Room: IF YOU TAKE THE PATHWAY BACK, you will find yourself reinvented, wiser, deeper, more compassionate and, the most incredible, having a greater capacity to love again!

The human spirit – YOUR SPIRIT – is so resilient that you can respond to the heartache – divorce, a break-up, rejection, tremendous loss – by letting it bring out the Diamond in you .

As they say, you can become BETTER, not BITTER.

Take this step right now.

Step: Embrace the Journey out of your Back Room and into your Waiting Room with your eyes on the future, not the past.

Accept the diagnosis. Your heart is broken.

Let it be put in a cast to heal.

See the Sun Room (your future) which you are going to build ahead of you. Fix your eyes there.

Happiness is PROGRESS: 1 small step at a time.

Take small steps forward and you will find your “happiness”. It’s that simple.

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My passion is to walk you back to a place of passionate love after divorce. I have loved to write, to coach, to train the past 10 years, so that your heart can love again - powerfully, strongly, softly and openly. I found my over the moon, never leave me love. You can, too.