What Is A Beautiful Warrior?




'Someday' has come...
It's time to claim the life you were made for.

We've all done it - told ourselves that "SOMEDAY"

...I'll go for MY dreams

...I'll do what I want to do

...I'll become that woman who's proud to be me.

I hear you. 

We wait for the right time and end up getting swept along -

...putting fires out.

...mending other people's bridges.

...making sure everyone else is happy.

But The Truth is...

Becoming everything you've always wanted to be has NOTHING to do with what's happening
in your life right now.

And it has everything to do with what
YOU decide matters.

What matters to you?

 To do lists? Deadlines? All the "should's"?

Everyone tugging at you with their demands?

Telling you who you should be.

One day feels the same as another...as lonely as another.

This is auto-pilot. Coasting.

You might catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wonder...

"How did I get here?"

"This isn't how my life was supposed to turn out."

Yet, day after day, you do it all again.

Stuck on the hamster wheel of fulfilling everyone else's expectations - ignoring the tears inside, the voice inside that wonders if this is it.

Is this all there is?

You do know what you need to do...

It's not that you can't.

It's that you're stuck, wondering, "HOW?"

The truth is inside you - there in your overwhelmed heart.

And it's time. Time to make a
life-changing decision...

Is My Heart Worth Fighting For?

It's not too late.

But this is the 'middle' of your life and soon there won't be any more time.

NOW is when you must decide to actually become the woman who reaches for that extraordinary life she craves.

The one who makes growth and success a priority.

Will you choose to...

SETTLE for being comfortable, doing what you know, coasting through your life?

Wake up every morning with regret because you know you're not living up to who you know you are?

Leave a legacy that says:  Stay small. Stay safe.


Or will you choose to...

Become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in your life. 

Feel the powerful driving force that's inside every one of us that can make any vision, any dream or desire a reality.

DARE TO look life's challenges right in the eye.

...Wake up the parts of you that stand tall.

...Respond (not react) to the messy, complex and unexpected parts of life.

...Refuse to back down. Or back away.

Find the way through... courageous, transformed, inspired.


Come back home to what
your heart really wants.

Your Beautiful Warrior



Because she believes in who she is and knows what she believes.

A Warrior...

Because she lets the tough stuff mold her. Grow her. Refine her to be better. 


Like fire refines gold.

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