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I work with women who are willing to do two things... 

 #1. Say what they want OUT LOUD ...without apology.

It niggles inside. That gentle fear that comes with being in your 50's...and still wanting to dream. 

Maybe you see your Mom in your head and you think it's inevitable that you just get old. Maybe you think it's too late for women at this age to find the energy to create anything anymore. 

Too many of us get stuck here. I did.

I had this Firey Fear Dragon voice inside flying around my heart warning me of DANGER...

"You can't find a great love at this age."
"You can't start a business. What are you thinking?" 
"You can't lose weight. Haven't you heard of menopause?" 
"You can't speak in public. Who wants to listen to an old lady?"

But one day you know what I did?  I looked my Fiery Fear Dragon right in the eye and I said what I wanted. Out. Loud.

Then I started saying it in every way possible. 

Then I started living as if I actually could do this!

Guess what!  Today...

I'm married to my true Knight in Shining Armor.

I am thriving in my Life Coaching business.

I'm at peace with my body.

I love to speak and teach.

Empty Nest.  Divorce.  Retirement.  Changing careers. Even new love.

Mid- life is a  Time of TRANSITION that eventually forces you to decide. 

WHO AM I? Who do I want to be?

What's #2? They Dare To Believe...

I know. When you dare to say what you want out loud, your brain kicks in and tells you all those stories about why it can't happen, won't happen, shouldn't happen...hasn't happened yet.

I get that. I've been there. Heard every reason in the universe about why I should give up and sit tight. Life happens.

But I had to ask myself, "Is that really LIVING?"

My heart answered back. "No. I'm meant for more than this." 

Inner strength is that deep unstoppable belief in yourself and what's possible. 

So I created a "Secret Formula" to help my clients with the same very simple 3-step "Yes You Can" System that I used (and still do) to reach where they want to go. Yes. Even. Beyond. 50.


What you want to do... be... have in your life - no matter what it is - is there for a reason. It's telling you there's more for you.

3 Steps move you toward your dream. Your calling.

Step 1: Say it.

Step 2: See it.

Step 3: Be it. 

This isn't magic though you'll feel magical. 
It's brain work. And heart work. And makes total sense.

You'll find yourself living happier, more fulfilled. Contributing. 
Loving how it feels to be a mature, wiser, purposeful woman.

I want to help you with that.

You, beautiful lady, are WHY I love to Coach.

You are on the brink of a great adventure.

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