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you just loved being in business because...

You knew exactly where you were going and how you were
going to get there?


what feels overwhelming,

complicated and confusing

could morph into total amazement

at what you've created?

It can. And I make it SIMPLE.

Love what you do MORE...
and get paid for it!

You own your own business and it's awesome. You may think that constant stress and overwhelm is just part of the package.


But that's definitely going to burn you out. You know it's not sustainable.


So what to do?

Why not zoom out and take a new look at your business?


Think"Simplify" - Find strategies that will help you work smarter and keep you focused.


WHAT IF you could create a business that becomes your FREEDOM - not a huge burden that keeps you awake at night?

I know.
Where to even begin?

Start here: don't over-complicate it.

What you need is someone to coach you. Step by Step. To keep it all Simple.

That's what I do and it's
an easy process...

1. Book a free bUSINESS aSSESSMENT

Meet with me to do a complimentary business assessment.

2.Create A Strategy to
believe in

Create a Business Strategy through the 3 Step

Storytelling Process

3.Step into freedom&

Enjoy a relaxed business approach and sleep like a baby.

 Panic, man at door_edited.jpg

Where we all get stuck...

It can feel as if you're trapped...with no way out. Face it:

  • Your business mission isn't motivating anyone. It's vague and kind of illusive.
  • Your marketing - well, it's not doing well. What do you even say??
  • Your sales method is sadly lacking. Honestly, it just doesn't close sales.
  • And your operational strategy, to be frank, amounts to organized chaos.
 Panic, man at door_edited.jpg

I'm just going to tell it like it is here...These issues are like the 
Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse 
for a Small Business. 

They're common.
And, if unchecked, the Story doesn't end well.

Don't worry. I've got your back.

Hey, I've been there. Let me chime in here, as a seasoned Coach and fellow Entrepreneur.


I spent 1,000's of dollars and got lost in dozens of programs trying to find my way past these 4 Horsemen.


It was overwhelming. And so much pressure.

Until I stopped and took a breath. That breath changed my life. And my approach to my business.


So, I want to save you a lot of time and frustration.

I want to show you a 3-step Simple Business Strategy that put me back in the calm zone.

I'll help you tap into your Passion and inspire your Pen.

It changes everything!

Wix pictures  1080 x 1350 (2).png

R. McLean, AB

"After multiple sessions, I came away feeling more eager and empowered than I have in quite some time. It really has been amazing to see my thought process change and be able to understand what are some of the small but significant things that can be holding me back ..."

prepared for any challenges I confront

Part Passion. Part Pen.

Simplify in 3 Easy Steps.

Two women talking and smiling holding cups of coffee


Step 1

Schedule an Assessment

In a 60-minute assessment call, you and I will talk about your Customer Hero's Story. Who you dream of serving,

how you want to help them.

And what's got you stuck.


Step 2

We'll Create A Storyboard

This is the fun part. Yet the deep part. You'll create a one-page Storyboard that tells the whole story at a glance. 

Plus a Story Script and detailed Brand Description using your own words .


Step 3

You'll Never be Stuck Again

No more being lost in confusion...ever. You'll have the foundation for creating your products, offers, marketing and anything else you need. All based on your Simple Customer Hero's Story.

One man reaching down to help another man up to the top of a mountain


No more wondering if you're going in the right direction.

You talk. I listen and take lots of notes, walking you through a version of "The Hero's Journey": What do you want your business to be? Who is your ideal customer? What problem to you solve for them? ​Result: A template of your Customer's Journey custom adapted to those that you serve.


No more stressing about what to say on Facebook.

You have a Mission. A solution to a a problem. And an exact plan to follow. An exact product that will end their search. A Story Script. RESULT: You will have the blueprint for a clear, concise message. For social media, for blog posts, for presentations, for YouTube videos. You'll have the ability to plan out an entire year of marketing messages.


No more worrying over your ability to lead.

From frustration to clarity. From confusion to confidence. You will be able to communicate what you do, who it's for and the plan you've designed to anyone and everyone. RESULT: You'll have the Story Script for training a social media expert. You'll have the framework you need to create a stunning website. You'll have the words that can be used to inspire any writing or speaking your business requires.

Passion & Pen Step-by-Step Coaching

Passion & Pen Blog: Simplify Step by Step

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