What Is A Beautiful Warrior?

Make Your Midlife Masterful!

I am a Transition Coach who trains women to be Beautiful Warriors.
You can Master change & face any challenge with courage.

What is a 'Beautiful Warrior'?

 Midlife CRISIS.
Suddenly everything that made sense
seems to be behind you.

  • It's crying all the way home from dropping off your kid at college. 
  • It's crumpling up your reunion invitation because your life isn't how you said it would be.
  • It's waking up in the middle of the night wracked with financial worry.
  • It's being lonely and exhausted caregiving and a waistline you don't recognize.
  • It's staring out the window blankly and asking NOW WHAT?



I want my a life that says I'm here and I matter. I have something to give. 


I want a life that says, with confidence, "This is who I intend to be." 


I want a life that is the expression of a deep unstoppable belief in who I am.

What is a Beautiful Warrior?

It's not just about Midlife.

It's about you NOT FORGETTING how amazing  you really are.



Hi Beautiful Warrior. I'm Bernice McDonald.

30 years tapping into a woman's true beauty.

30 years coaching women to live with passion.

30 years of seeing dreams and impact realized.

The Beautiful Warrior 

She doesn't fall into the trap of  midlife hopelessness.  Instead she answers the call...
  • The call to be human, not invincible.
  • The call to accept the power to recognize her own worth.
  • The call to take risks and embrace change despite the fear.
  • The call to choose to be kind and compassionate.
  • The call to be mindful of her thoughts and words.
  • The call to carefully choose how she responds.

The call to face the terror of no longer being relevant or needed or young by embracing a new focal point...


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Midlife can be your greatest adventure.
Or the doorway into the end of your life.

 How are YOU seeing it?
 Life isn't easy. You get tired. You get defeated.
Looking up at the sun and daring to declare to the wind that
REAL YOU hasn't even shown up yet. 

You announce a new beginning. A new time.
ou accept the challenge. 

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Embrace Your Strengths

You matter. Your past matters and has gifted you with all kinds of incredible inner strengths that you may not even see yet. Open your eyes to see what's really there.

Your strengths will become your heart in action.

Live Your Purpose

Nothing else matters. There's a light in you, a love, a passion that has been shaped for this time It's your compass. Your shield. Your reason for being.

Your purpose keeps you going no matter what.

Set the Vision 

Without a vision, you'll perish. You'll have no map to guide you and you'll wander without purpose. As a Beautiful Warrior, you decide. And your life goes there.

And you always feel at home in your heart. 

What Is A Beautiful Warrior?

This is Your Story. Your Life Matters.

 Will you opt to sit down and simply let life defeat you?  Keep you small?
 Or will you be the woman who never gives up and never stops living?

Karen C.

Bernice,  you have taken my mere words, thoughts, beliefs and amazingly, with  such clarity and perception, translated them (and my heart) into this  beautiful gift... Thank you with  all my heart! You've captured me perfectly. 

Step 1. Build A  Strength Bridge

Midlife can be one of those times when you're questioning if you have anything left to offer. Doubting yourself is normal.

There are many challenges that face you.

And you might not feel equipped to parent adult children or support a sick family member or find the source of this restless unhappiness you feel inside.

The first step to getting your feet solidly back on the ground is to build a bridge. From the past to who you are going to be in this new phase.

Your heart is different from any other heart ever made. And you have a combination of values, passion, strengths and abilities that NO ONE else has. We are going to pinpoint these and you'll be amazed, encouraged and excited to take the next step.

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Step 2. Define A Personal Mission 

Midlife is a time when it's easy to lose interest in your own Story.  "It's too late. I'm too tired. I'm not enough to start something new."

If you accept this thinking, in 10 years you'll be living in regret, boredom - and anger. People will describe you as cynical and grouchy.

Transition is life calling you through a new doorway. Rising to the challenge is what keeps you feeling alive.

Knowing who you are and why you're here keeps you young, stirs up your passion, and gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

You'll use a simple framework to discern YOUR purpose. What lights YOU up.

How you want to leave your mark on the world.
How you want to be remembered.  

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Step 3. Midlife Is Life Mastery

Midlife can leave you asking if you made the right decisions in the past. "Did I mess up? What if I had made different decisions?"

Whatever happened in the past stays in the past. There's no going back. BUT you can go forward.

Mastery is growing WHO YOU ARE. Handling the peri-menopausal and menopausal years with a laser focused on growing who you are. 

Who do you want to be? This is the time to go for excellence with your family, health, relationships, and career. It's all in your heart. The time is NOW!

Make a MAP - a Massive Action Plan. Top areas of growth. The stops along the way. The destination. And then we'll make it happen!

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