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You're A Master At What You Do... But Building A Business Gives You
a Headache.

We cure those headaches here.
We coach the Small Business Owner
who wants to know how
to be wildly successful.

Take the free business assessment.

Discover what's working and what's not. Get a 30-day Plan that starts tomorrow.

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Build an unstoppable  business.

Give up "hustling" and start attracting.

Stop rabbit-tracking and start leading.

You think you're doing all the right things...but your bank account and your stress levels tell a different story.

  • You're constantly hustling for customers. 

  • You're all over the place, trying to find what works.

  • You've no real idea about what to say on social media.

  • You're nearly giving your services away.

  • You hire people that are more trouble than help.

  • You live in a constant state of worry.

There was such a thing as a simple formula that
showed you how to run a business?
And anyone could learn it.
(PLUS - Using it would make you crazy successful?)

We have that. It's called:
The Simplifying Small Business Blueprint

It's a One-Pager Storyboard of Your Customer's Journey

A one-page storyboard is just that - your business on one page.

In one glance you can see who your customer is, the burning problem they have and how you solve it for them.


This is an invaluable map. A solid foundation for all of your marketing, messaging & products.

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It's 6 Step-by-Step Playbooks to Strengthen Every Area of Your Business

Playbooks provide actions, strategies and procedures to help you: 

  • Set 3 annual goals and reach them

  • Sort out your products so they make you money

  • Simplify your marketing  and sales with a clear message and strategy

  • Manage your team and your cashflow and your time

Image by Medienstürmer

It's a Course & A Coach To Guide and Support You

You'll get your own  personal Business Coach to walk you through each Playbook, help you brainstorm & get past the roadblocks as they come up.

BONUS: Includes a 1-year FREE membership to the "Business Made Simple" course site. Short video guidance packed with examples and ideas.

Kassandra Yackel, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Thank you, Bernice, for your storytelling workshop.
I struggle with telling stories in my businesses and I know it is a huge advantage...
Bernice is a very knowledgeable and coach. I highly recommend her...
Stressed Woman

No more headache...

Six months from now,
you'll be in control like never before.

You'll know the steps to take to

reach your goals.

You'll have a Marketing Plan.

You'll be free to be the

Leader you always knew you could be.

If Happiness is progress,

you'll definitely be happy.

Relaxing in Pool

3 Easy Steps to get started.

From Stressed Out...To Leading A Thriving Business

Two women talking and smiling holding cups of coffee


Step 1

Take the Assessment

Fill out the Assessment.

We'll see which areas

need some attention.


Step 2

Get a 30 Day Step by Step Plan

We keep it simple. To ease you in based on the results of your assessment, I'll give you a free 30-day Plan

you start tomorrow.


Step 3

Feel relaxed & proud of

what you're creating.

 No more being lost in confusion and putting out fires. You are now becoming the Leader of your business.

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Business is hard.
But I've got your back.

I know you love what you do.

I know that you may have spent 1,000's of dollars and taken dozens of programs that make big promises but still leave you clueless about what really makes a business reach the wildly successful place.


Passion is difficult to hold on to when you don't know what to do next and the fear of losing it all begins to creep in.

That's exactly why I've spent the past 20 years researching and experimenting with what grows a Small Business.


I found it. The exact strategy.


Your passion combined with all I've learned to equip me as your Guide will save you so much time and frustration.


I believe in you and your business. And I believe in this process.

I want you to succeed at doing what you do best without all the stress and drama that comes from making big business mistakes.


Your dream matters. The world needs what you do. Let's get you onto the right path starting right now. 

One man reaching down to help another man up to the top of a mountain

Focus on Growth

The fear of failing in business can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It hasn't been as easy as you hoped. In fact, all the hats you have to wear, all the things you "should" or "could" be doing to make your business work create such a knot of confusion and fear in your stomach that it could actually freeze you so you don't make any decisions at all. Does it really have to be this way? NO! Not knowing how to make it work shouldn't rob you of all you have to bring. I totally get it. I spent 1000's of dollars following every guru that came along trying to reach entrepreneurs like you. Until I realized that I was making it super complicated. And it didn't need to be. It can be simple. Build a business that surrounds your dream one step at a time. So take the first step right now. Let's figure this out. 1. Take the complimentary business assessment. 2. Book a time and we'll go through it. We'll strengthen the weakest area with an exact plan for you to implement over the next 30 days. 3. You work the plan and see your business start to skyrocket. Most small businesses start with a dream. The world needs your dream so don't mess it up by refusing to learn how to work your business. Come back to believing in your business and believing in yourself. Come back to simple. And, of course, a future where being WILDLY SUCCESSFUL is normal.

The Simplifying Small Business Blueprint 

You can choose the Coaching Path that works for you.
All reach the same destination of learning to
wrap your business around your dream.

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Take the Assessment

My Business Report

Knowing what's really going on with your business shouldn't be a mystery. 

In 10 minutes you'll get a FREE, detailed report on the hot spots in your business and customized plan for how to make it more profitable.

Passion & Pen Blog: Simplify Step by Step

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