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Be the Woman 
Who Takes Midlife to a Whole New Level of "Meaningful"

 Instead of "menopausal", be known as a Beautiful Woman on a Mission

Ready to step into what's possible?

 Midlife CRISIS.
Suddenly everything that made sense
seems to be behind you.

  • It's crying all the way home from dropping off your kid at college. 
  • It's crumpling up your reunion invitation because your life isn't how you said it would be.
  • It's waking up in the middle of the night wracked with financial worry.
  • It's divorce and exhausted caregiving and a waistline you don't recognize.
  • It's staring out the window blankly and asking NOW WHAT?

Life doesn't stop here though you may feel at your limit.
You are meant for so much more.

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Life shifts.  Like winter to spring.  Shift with it.
Define your Next Great Mission. Create a Life Plan.

Live with new purpose.

A Personal Mission statement says you're here and you matter. You have something to give. 

Discover a new Identity.

A Personal Mission statement says with confidence, "This is who I intend to be." 

Show up with new Strength.

A Personal Mission statement is the expression of a deep unstoppable belief in who you are.

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It's not just about Midlife.

It's about you not forgetting how incredible you are.


Hi Beautiful Warrior. I'm Bernice McDonald.

30 years designing Missions Statements.

30 years coaching women toward their purpose.

30 years of dreams realized & immeasurable impact.

 You can love this Midlife time of life! Make it meaningful.

Here's how the Meaningful Midlife Process works

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We build a bridge to connect your past chapters with this one, highlighting your strengths, your values, your skills and what you want in your heart of hearts.

Design Your Mission Statement

In one simple statement, we combine what you want with how you're made and all the adventurous possibilities opening up for you.

Love Being Midlife YOU 

We define who you need to be to live your Next Mission. We'll create & implement a Life Plan that will set your purpose on fire, giving you a legacy you're proud of. 

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This is Your Story. Your Life Matters.

 Will you opt to sit down and simply grow old?   Or will you show them what you're made of?

The Story of How Your Life Matters

I am inviting you into a story. The Story of YOU.
Once upon a time a beautiful woman was born and began a long journey on a Path that was filled with all kinds of unexpected challenges and adventures.
She laughed. She cried. She played. She struggled.
 She gave her heart and her protection and her tenderness to those closest to her.
She worked hard to be sure that everyone was cared for.
But one day, she turned around and it was as if no one needed her anymore. 
She didn't know what to do. So she sat down on the side of her Path to think awhile.
Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice another woman approaching.
"Are you alright?" the other woman asked.
"I feel sort of lost. I'm not sure if I should just sit here or continue walking," she said. "I don't think I'm needed anymore. Maybe I should just stay here."
The other woman smiled. "I see." Then she reached into her bag and pulled out a mirror. Handing it to her, she asked her to look into it.
Puzzled, the younger woman turned it toward her and looked at her reflection. 
"What do you see?" the other woman asked.


After a moment, the younger woman responded. "I see someone crying. Alone. It looks as if she is heartbroken. It's dark and cold. She seems ready to give up."
"Now, turn the mirror around and look at the other side."
So, the woman sitting spun the mirror around to look again at the other side." This time she laughed out loud.
"What is it?" the other woman asked curiously.
"It's the same person but she's so full of life. She has this light inside her and she's making others around her feel so good. They're all having so much fun. I know it's the same woman. What happened to her from one side of the mirror to the other?"
"YOU happened, my dear. On the first side, you saw how that woman was because you chose to sit here and never crossed her path.
On the other side, the joyful side, she is different because YOU chose to go on. You chose to take all you are- because of all you've been through - and use it to do what you do best. And in the middle of doing that, you touched her life.
Though you never knew, you made a huge difference. She was forever changed."
Who you are matters. 'Who you are' is the reason you are here in this life.
It's up to you to decide what you do with that. Will you just sit here forever or will you walk on and live your story to find all the ways you're needed, most of which you don't even realize yet?

Becoming A Woman On A Mission

 When you work with a Meaningful Midlife Coach,
the past and the present melt together and your entire future life 
opens up before your eyes.


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1. Build A  Bridge

Midlife can be one of those times when you're questioning if you have anything left to offer. Doubting yourself is normal.

You may think that you're "just" a mom.

Or your career is "just" a job. You may think your skills are no big deal.

The first step to getting your feet solidly back on the ground is to build a bridge. From the past. To who you are going to be in this new phase.

Your heart is different from any other heart ever made. And you have a combination of values, passion, interests and abilities that NO ONE else has. So let's pinpoint those 4 things.

2. Create A Personal Mission 

Midlife is a time when it's easy to lose interest in your own Story.  "It's too late. I'm too tired. I'm not enough to start something new."

If you accept this thinking, in 10 years you'll be living in regret, boredom - even apathy. You may be one of those grumpy people.

Transition is life calling you through a new doorway. Rising to the challenge is what keeps you feeling alive.

Knowing who you are and why you're here keeps you young, stirs up your passion, and gives you a reason to get up in the morning.

Here's a sneak peek at the framework we'll use:  (Put your NAME here) wants to overcome (state the RESISTANCE) to accomplish (state your AMBITION) so that (state the GOOD THING that will happen).

3. A Life Plan

Midlife can leave you asking if you made the right decisions in the past. "Did I mess up? What if I had made different decisions?"

Whatever happened in the past stays in the past. There's no going back. BUT you can go forward.

Your Life Plan is the 'how to' for your Personal Mission. 

Who do you want to be? This is the time to go for excellence with your family, your health, your relationships, your career. The sky is the limit! 

Let's determine your top priority areas, your areas for development and a 1, 5 and 10 year plan - and then we'll make it happen!

"I'm not going to live forever but while I'm here, I'm going to make it matter."

Answer the Midlife  call.   Find Your Next Mission.   Live your purpose.

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