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Take One Simple Step...

 Simplifying starts with one 90 Minute Coaching Session at a time.


One-Pager Storyboard of Your Customer Journey ($297)

How do you answer when someone asks you, "What do you do?"

Do you stumble & stammer or bore them to tears? What if you had the exact words to tell them something so amazing that their eyebrows shot up and they didn't let you go until you told them MORE? 

Getting the WOW into your business starts with one thing. Clarity. This is where you find it.


Together, we magically fit your Story all on one page.

  • You fill in the pre-session questionnaire with the 7 elements of your customer's journey.

  • You come to the session anticipating a fun and productive Story-telling session. 

  • You take away a priceless document filled with words. Words that create a birds-eye view that brings your message to life.

  • Words you use on social media, your website, emails nurtuing campaigns  - anywhere you talk about your business.

  • Do all this in 90 minutes.  ​​  


BUT FIRST - let's book a complimentary coaching call to ensure this is right for you. I'll explain everything and you can decide.

Mission, Messaging & Marketing Overhaul  ($297)

Now that you've completed your Customer Journey Storyboard, what do you do with it?

You breathe new life into your marketing.  


  • Using the Simple Content Creation Framework,  we'll show you how to use your Storyboard to easily create:

    • emails that connect and sell

    • social media posts that actually have a purpose

    • a  professional sounding script for any YouTube video or blog posts.  

  • Content Pillars: We'll pinpoint 3 pillars of content that will become the focus for your marketing over the next year.  

  • A new Marketing Plan: We'll set up a new Marketing Plan that stems out of your vision and aligns with your comfort levels.

You'll shave off hours of preparation and the continual frustration of creator's block.

Senior Businesswoman

The Perfect Week Planning Tool ($297)

Design "The Perfect Week" based on the art of time blocking.  


You know how it goes. Every Sunday you declare, "THIS week I'll be productive and focused."


And what happens? You end up putting out fires, rabbit-tracking all over the place... and suddenly the week is gone, leaving you mad at yourself and trapped in a vicious cycle.

  • You'll take back the control your schedule and, consequently, your life.

  • You'll set up your Perfect Week step by step so you can live it over and over again.

  • You'll get stuff done...

  • You'll get in some rest

  • You'll get in some fun

  • And you'll build connections with the people you love, too.


Stop spinning your wheels and let's do this so you can look back a few months from now and be amazed at how relaxed you feel and how much you have accomplished. Your cup will be full.

In ONLY 90 minutes. Book this now!

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